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BS 15489

ISO 15489
Records Management

ISO 15489 provides a framework for record keeping and explains the benefits of good records management, the legal obligations and the importance of allocating responsibilities. It also addresses what is needed when delivering good record management services, designing record keeping systems, records management processes, auditing and training.

Record management in general concerns the evidence of an Organisation’s activities and is usually applied to the value of the records rather than their physical format. This means that the records in question can be found as both digital information and tangible objects.

Through QMS, Organisations are able to gain ISO 15489 Certifications in under 45 days, using our market leading 4 Stage Certification Process and we can even produce the manual for you. In addition to this we have an online customer portal (LAUNCHPAD) which provides training and support for the maintenance of your certification.

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  • +Record Classification
    • Typically classification of a document as a record will result in a retention plan and disposition action for that record, by logically grouping such records in accordance with the standards requirements you can greatly simplify this task.
  • +Legal Compliance
    • Compliance with the standard will generally mean compliance with Government and legal standards as well, with the standard focused on addressing such requirements.
  • +Enhanced Reputation
    • Developed to meet international standards of records management, ISO 15489 opens up new markets and increases new businesses opportunities by demonstrating your commitment to good record management.
  • +Improved Efficiency
    • The Standard provides comprehensive guidance that can assist staff with routine, yet critical, record management processes which in turn can help to reduce errors.
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