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How to conduct an Environmental Review


In this webinar, our experienced environmental management consultant will demonstrate how an environmental review can help you to establish your priorities and set targets to drive improvements and cost-savings.



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Target Audience:

Are you looking to assess your business’ environmental performance?
Perhaps you’re aiming for ISO 14001, the international Standard for environmental management, or maybe you want your business to boost its green credentials and do its part in the growing climate crisis?
Whatever your motivation, a comprehensive environmental review is key to understanding your business’ impact on the environment.

About Rob Crosby:

Rob has a background in the diverse industries of manufacturing, transport and IT which has given Rob a thorough knowledge of what is needed to create valuable information security and business continuity management systems.
In his previous roles he has worked as a Lead Auditor and utilised his IT skills to develop a range of management systems for organisations across the UK, including a leading manufacturer and major transport company.
Robert Crosby

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