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Non-conformities: Find out how to Spot and Solve Them


Every business has the occasional ‘slip up’, otherwise known as a non-conformity. But how do you identify them? And what do you do once they have been brought to your attention? This webinar can give you all the information you need to spot, record and solve non-conformities.


Duration: 48M 07S

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    Target Audience:

    From flagging up a non-conformity to discovering the root cause, this comprehensive webinar will provide a clear introduction to non-conformities, complete with examples of the types you may come across. It will also give you a great opportunity to ask our expert consultant any questions.

    About Robert Crosby:

    Robert has a background in the diverse industries of manufacturing, transport and IT which has given Rob a thorough knowledge of what is needed to create valuable information security and business continuity management systems.

    In his previous roles he has worked as a Lead Auditor and utilised his IT skills to develop a range of management systems for organisations across the UK, including a leading manufacturer and major transport company.

    Robert Crosby

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