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Non-Conformities: How to Spot and Solve them


From flagging up a non-conformity to discovering the root cause, this webinar provides a clear introduction to non-conformities, complete with examples of the types you may come across. Hosted by Citation ISO Certification consultant Chris Case, this webinar will also guide you through some useful problem-solving tools.


Duration: 26M 39S

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    Target Audience:

    This webinar has been designed to help you identify and correct a non-conformity within your business. With a clear introduction to major and minor non-conformities, this webinar also provides examples of what you may come across and how you can use specific problem-solving tools to get to the root cause, enabling your business to permanently eliminate them.

    About Chris Case:

    Chris has been working in quality for 10 years and has extensive experience in environmental management. His knowledge was built in plastics manufacturing for the automotive, building and recycling sectors, and while working as a Quality Manager he assisted with the implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for a large group across multiple European sites.

    Chris Case

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