Guest Post Guidelines

Advice on getting your content published

About us

Citation ISO Certification are one of the UK’s leading ISO certification bodies, providing friendly, professional support to large and small organisations, across a range of industry sectors.

Our blog provides readers with relevant, topical articles inclusive of ISO and compliance news, as well as general business advice that can help to drive improvement and growth.

Our audience is diverse, ranging from owners of small start-up companies, through to compliance professionals operating on behalf of large, blue-chip organisations. However, they have one common interest – business improvement.

Who can write for us

We welcome content from industry experts in the field of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Information Security. We also welcome posts from established business experts who can provide genuine, actionable business advice.

I’m afraid we don’t accept posts that are written by, or on behalf of, direct competitors.

What kind of content are we looking for?

We accept original material and don’t publish any previously syndicated posts. We also don’t accept posts that are too sales-focused – your content must offer genuine value to our readers.

Successful posts will usually cover one of the following topics:

  • ISO Certification
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality
  • Information Security
  • Environmental Improvement (Relevant to UK businesses)
  • Business Continuity
  • Tips and advice on how to grow/improve a business

We will consider initial pitches/outlines, prior to production of the completed post.

We are also happy to accept a variety of formats such as infographics and videos, and these should be accompanied with a textual introduction.

Post guidelines

We would prefer posts to be at least 750 words in length, and up to c1800 words.

An image should be supplied with each written article, with the source cited appropriately.

Relevant links are accepted, although we reserve the right to nofollow these and links to competitors will not be published.

Submission guidelines

Please send all submissions via email to [email protected]. We accept submissions in Microsoft Word or via Google Docs.

All submissions should be accompanied by a headshot of the author and a 50-word byline, which will be published along with the article.

We reserve the right to edit all aspects of the submitted material and, once the content is approved by all parties, at the point of publication it becomes the property of Citation ISO Certification.

How long does it take to get an article published?

You will usually receive feedback on the success of your submission within 7 days. Actual publishing timescales will vary, depending on the style and volume of content submitted.


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