How ISO certification can help your Manufacturing company

Whatever product you manufacture, quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance.

ISO Management Systems are internationally recognised and increase customer confidence in your products. They demonstrate that you’re committed to quality, comply with regulations, aim to avoid product recalls and failures, and have your customers’ needs at the forefront of your operations. All of which is annually checked and confirmed by a third party.

Our professional consultants have been helping Manufacturing businesses across the UK implement these Standards for over 25 years through our fast and cost-effective route to ISO certification. We can also advise you on the most appropriate and beneficial Standards for your business.

Which ISO standards are best for my Manufacturing business?

You can choose from various ISO Management Systems. However, the ones best suited to the Manufacturing industry are:

Quality control is important for any industry, but for manufacturing it is even more so. An ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates that your organisation is customer-focused and committed to delivering consistent, quality products. This globally recognised Standard ensures best-practice processes are in place which help to increase efficiency and drive continual improvement.
This Standard will help you quantify, monitor and control the ongoing environmental impact of your operations. By managing the use of natural resources, energy and waste you can improve your corporate image and credibility, helping you to win new customers as well as identify opportunities for cost savings.
Gaining the ISO 45001 certification allows you to demonstrate that your business operates a best-practice Occupational Health and Safety Management System – reducing the likelihood of accidents and breaches of legislation, as well as improving your organisation’s overall performance.

What are the benefits of ISO certification?

An ISO certification for your manufacturing business could provide the following benefits:

  • More efficient delivery of products
  • Reduction in errors, resulting in reduced waste
  • Improved environmental performance of your supply chain
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased business – both new and existing
  • Enhanced reputation, by demonstrating your commitment to meeting international standards of excellence.

Don’t just take our word for it – read these QMS customer testimonials

“We have had our annual Audit today on our ISO 9001, 2015. Over the many years that I have been audited on all types of things I found your Auditor to be one of the best Auditors that I have had to work with. His manner and customer skills were excellent and he is a credit to your company.”

– Anglo Adhesives Ltd

“We found your Consultant to be extremely helpful and very knowledgeable, he made time for us and really helped us with his advice during the audit.

We don’t normally give feedback due to time restraints on our daily duties but feel he really deserves the effort in return for his.”

– Kbiosystems

“We’ve gained new customers and increased customer satisfaction, as well as meeting crucial legal obligations and reducing waste.”

– High Voltage Electrical Services Ltd


How do you get certified?

QMS has developed a simple, cost-effective 3-stage certification process. With our help, you could achieve certification in less than 45 days. Our consultants have extensive business experience, enabling them to support you through the entire certification process. We can even write your Management System Manual for you.