ISO 27001

Information Security Management

Protect corporate information and data, manage threats and gain customer confidence.

The way in which you look after and use corporate information can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. Get it right and you’ll grow your customer-base. Get it wrong and the risks and penalties can stop you in your tracks.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that your business has systems in place to protect corporate information and data, whether this is online or offline. By gaining ISO 27001, customer and stakeholder confidence is increased and your company’s reputation is improved, allowing you to stand out amongst competitors.

Why should I apply for ISO 27001 certification?

By becoming ISO 27001 certified companies are showing a commitment to ensuring that adequate security controls are in place to protect information and data from being accessed, corrupted, lost or stolen.

Here are some benefits of using the ISO 27001 framework: 

  1. Keeps confidential information secure
  2. Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence in how you manage risk
  3. Allows for secure exchange of information
  4. Allows you to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations
  5. Helps you to comply with other regulations (e.g. SOX)
  6. Provide you with a competitive advantage
  7. Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention
  8. Consistency in the delivery of your service or product 
  9. Manages and minimises risk exposure
  10. Builds a culture of security
  11. Protects the company, assets, shareholders and directors

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates your compliance with internationally recognised standards of information security.

Find out more about the ISO 27001 Audit and ISO 27001 Costs.

How businesses have benefitted from ISO 27001

Client Testimonials of QMS and the ISO Certification Process

How to get ISO 27001

Getting certified to ISO 27001 is quick and straightforward. Our expert consultants will work with you and your business to make the process as simple and easy as possible – highlighting and assisting you in making the necessary improvements to your current business processes.

Our 3 stage certification process ensures that you are assisted along every step in the process, and we even create your ‘Documented Information Security Management System’ for you, saving you time and money.

Once you have achieved certification you must pass an annual audit to make sure your business stays on track. This fourth and final, stage in the process happens one year after your certification.

To get more details on what it takes to get ISO 27001, please see our implementation guide.

Ask our team about our ISO 27001 checklist to find out more about what information you will need and what is needed to meet ISO 27001 requirements.

Once you have achieved certification the certification cycle will commence. This is made up of surveillance and re-certification audits, one of which must take place each year, around the anniversary of your certification. These visits confirm your continued compliance with the Standard and verify the validity of your certification.

Maintaining your ISO Management System

QMS Connect delivers all the tools you need to achieve and maintain ISO compliance.

With simple navigation, real-time reporting and the ability to modify and update content on the go, QMS Connect keeps you in control. Accessible online via your computer, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, QMS Connect helps you manage your ISO Management System in real-time.

QMS Connect helps engage your teams, so that you can capture data that will drive business decisions – increasing repeat business, reducing customer complaints and ultimately saving you both time and money.

Find out more
A screenshot of the QMS Connect system on various platforms from desktop to mobile

Download these helpful documents:

How much does an ISO 27001 cost?

QMS provides a route to ISO 27001 certification that doesn’t break the bank.

The cost of certification can vary, depending on several factors, including your sector, number of offices, annual turnover, total staff, and whether you require ASCB or UKAS accreditation.

Because we focus on making ISO Certification simple and straightforward, we spend less time embedding complex document trails and more time building a system that works with your business.

To find out how little ISO 27001 certification could cost you, use our Fee Calculator, and we’ll email you your quote immediately.

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How long will it take to get ISO 27001?

From your first consultants visit through to certification can be as quick as 45 days, although this does of course depend on the size and complexity of your business.

Where we draft your Documented Information Security Management System on your behalf, it generally saves time in the process and ensures you achieve certification faster.

Latest ISO 27001 news

At QMS we are constantly updating our approach and process to meet the latest changes in how ISO 27001 works.


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