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Introduction to ISO

Find out more about the topic of ISO Standards and management systems with the wealth of information in our online guides.

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ISO Background

Start at the beginning with some background information on ISO.

Who are the ISO?

What does ISO mean?

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ISO Basics

If you’re completely new to standards, or need a little reminder.

What is an ISO Standard?

How are ISO Standards structured?

What are the different ISO Standards?

Implementing a management system

Find out what is involved in setting up a management system in your business with our helpful implementation and certification guides.



Find out the different options available when it comes to implementing a management system with our detailed guides.

What is a Management System?

How do I document my Management System?

Can a Management System cover more than one ISO Standard?

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Although optional in many cases, seeking certification can be greatly beneficial to your business. Find out how in our guides below.

Why should I get my Management System certified?

Do I need UKAS certification?

What happens once I am certified?

Running a management system

Once you have a management system in place within your business, you need to keep it running. Find out how with our maintenance and auditing guides.



A management system isn’t something that stays the same – it is constantly evolving. As part of this, there are a number of tasks that your business must perform to keep your management system inline with your business so that you can get the most benefit from it.

What regular activities do I need to be doing to maintain my Management System?

What adhoc activities do I need to be doing to maintain my Management System?

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Checking that everything is working as it should be is a major part of ISO certification. Whether through your own internal checks, or through third-party verification, auditing your management system as a whole and individual processes is vital.

What is an audit?

What do I do if I fail an audit?

What is an Internal Audit?

What is a Supplier Audit?

What is an External Audit?

What is a Recertification Audit?

What is an ISO Certification Audit / Stage 2 Audit?

What is a Surveillance Audit?

What is a Remote Audit?

What is a Compliance Audit?

Extra help with management systems

Citation ISO Certification provide two products to help you with the management of your Management System. Find out more below:

Atlas Lite

A support area holding tutorials and information on your Management System.

What is Atlas Lite?

Where can I find video tutorials on Atlas Lite?

Where can I find my certification marks on Atlas Lite?

Where can I find certificates on Atlas Lite?

Where can I find templates on Atlas Lite?

Where can I find my management system on Atlas Lite?


An online Management System Platform that is designed to help you implement, manage and stay compliant with ISO Standards.

What is Atlas?

Where can I find the Management System templates on Atlas?

Where can I find badges on Atlas?

Where can I find certificates on Atlas?

Where can I get help with Atlas?

Where can I find my Management System on Atlas?


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