ISO 27001 Audit

What is an ISO 27001 audit?

An audit is a systematic, independent, objective and documented process for gathering facts. As part of ISO 27001 certification, a number of audits must be performed in order to help you identify areas for improvement, ensure you have best practice processes in place and keep your corporate information and data protected.

The key objectives of an ISO 27001 audit are:

  • To ensure that your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard
  • To address any issues with the ISMS
  • To identify any potential improvements to the ISMS


Driving continual improvement is a key part of Annex SL-based Standards and it is recommended that you carry out regular internal and external audits as part of this.

ISO 27001 internal audits

The ISO 27001 internal audit looks to test the information security management system within your company. An internal audit will highlight areas needing attention allowing you to improve the processes within your company.

By looking at how things are done and comparing them with how they should be done, you can identify areas for improvement. You should record these observations and review the audit results at regular management review meetings, which should occur between one and four times a year.


ISO 27001 external audits

Here at Citation ISO Certification, we have a team of over 30 consultants nationwide who have helped to implement and certify over 20,000 management systems. Their wealth of knowledge and experience means that our consultants are able to offer bespoke feedback on your company’s needs, and how implementing ISO 27001 can complement your business strategy.

The yearly external audit is a way of ensuring the documented processes are being followed and that compliance with the ISO 27001 Standard is being maintained.

External audits can also be performed on your suppliers which can form a vital part of your due diligence procedures before awarding contracts. We can help with these type of audits also. Our consultants are experienced in a wide range of sectors, making their auditing skills extremely useful, whether you need a standard ISO 27001 audit, or an audit that is specific to your requirements. Please visit our third party auditing page for more information.



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