ISO 14001 Benefits

What are the benefits of certification?

The ISO 14001 Standard will show your organisation how to minimise its environmental impact. In doing so, ISO 14001 can improve your efficiency, reduce operational costs and help you win new business.

Implementing the ISO 14001 guidance in full, can also ensure your business complies with environmental laws and regulations in the UK and EU.

Benefits for your organisation

  1. Cost savings – by reducing wasted resources such as energy and water you will reduce your costs.

  2. Use less energy – through energy efficiency improvements made across your product life cycle.

  3. Improved corporate image – by showing you are a responsible employer you can increase your credibility and win new customers.

  4. Reduced environmental impact – through monitoring and controlling your processes where they could affect the ecosystem.

  5. Compliance with legislation – implementing ISO 14001 means that your organisation understands and can prove that it complies with applicable environmental legislation.

  6. Reduced legal costs – through compliance with environmental legislation you may experience reduced costs for public liability insurance and fewer fines or prosecutions.

Benefits of ISO 14001 for your customers

  1. Alignment with ethical choices – in a world increasingly concerned with the impact of industry on the environment, ISO 14001 certification acts as a seal of approval that the services provided are environmentally conscious.

  2. Assurance of service – certification acts as proof that your organisation complies with environmental legislation.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001:2015 over older versions?

The updated ISO 14001:2015 framework provides organisations with a systematic approach to environmental management. It sets out how an organisation can implement policies that protect the environment and how it can respond to changing environmental conditions.

Old versions of the standard may no longer be accepted as proof of having best-practice environmental processes, so if you are operating a management system certified to an older standard, it would be worth considering an upgrade.

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