ISO 45001:2018 Remote Audit

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What is a Remote Audit?

A Remote Audit of the ISO 45001 standard is the process by which a Citation ISO Certification Auditor can conduct your annual surveillance audit offsite, using email and other resources to view and audit the necessary documentation.

Who is eligible for a Remote Audit?

A Remote Audit is available to any certified organisation entering their second year of certification.

It is recommended that Remote Audits are booked, no more than once every two years and they should only be arranged if the preceding audit was awarded either a grade 1 or 2 pass (please refer to the audit report).

Clients that received a grade 3 Audit in the preceding year are recommended to arrange an onsite surveillance audit. This is because the auditor will be able to provide you with advice and guidance on those areas that require rectification or improvement.

I don’t understand what I need to supply?

If you are unsure what evidence to supply, please contact the Remote Audit Department by calling 01603 967753. Alternatively, we have included a few examples below, all of which can be found in the Template Suite within your Atlas ISO account.

  • Internal Audit Matrix
  • Internal Audit Report
  • Management Review Agenda
  • Non-conformity Report

How does the Remote Audit Process work?

In order to successfully complete the surveillance audit via our remote audit process, the following actions will need to take place:

  • The remote audit will be agreed with the Citation ISO Certification Booking Department, providing the qualifying criteria has been met.
  • An email will be issued from our Booking Department outlining the evidence your organisation needs to provide.
  • You will need to collate the required evidence and return this to the Remote Auditing team within 30 days. NOTE: Please only send copies of your documentation, not originals.
  • Once the evidence is received by the Remote Audit Department, one of our experienced Auditors will be notified to complete the Remote Audit and produce a report of their findings.
  • The audit report will be emailed to you and the IRQAO register will be updated to show the appropriate audit grade.


If you fail to supply evidence in the set period or the evidence you supply does not meet the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, you will be notified and allocated a rectification period. If, after this period, you still fail to meet the requirements of the Standard your ISO Certification will be suspended and the IRQAO register updated to show this. It is important to note that a certificate suspension can impact on your reputation and reduce the probability of success on any existing tender applications.

Need help?

Should you require assistance in completing your Remote Audit or would like to speak with a member of the Remote Audit Department, please call 01603 967753 or email [email protected].


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