Meet ISOMentor


We’re excited to announce the launch of ISOMentor – QMS’ new virtual training workshops.

Whether you want to dig deeper into the Standard requirements, recap on internal audit training or gain practical advice, our virtual workshops are your new go-to ISO guide. Our live workshops will ensure you and your team understand everything you need to know about your management system and get the maximum benefit for your business.

How does ISOMentor work?

When you sign up for our interactive, easily digestible training course you’ll get access to a catalogue of modules. Each module is designed by our experts to help ensure you and your team can understand what your management system requires of you and enhance compliance to drive your business goals.

Each live 1-hour workshop will be led by our dedicated ISO expert with interactive activities and real-life examples, ensuring it remains engaging and meets a wide range of learning styles.

Delivered online, our convenient virtual courses mean you can save both time and money by enhancing your team’s knowledge and confidence, without them needing to leave their homes or office.

What are the benefits of ISOMentor?

  • Designed by experts – each course has been put together by the experts at QMS, to take high-level content and make it easy to understand and engaging.
  • Covers all aspects of the ISO Standard – the experts at QMS have used the ISO Standard as a basis for every module covered.
  • Bonus modules for Senior Managers – ensuring you know how to drive ISO from the top-down, and get tips on responsibility, commitment, and resourcing.
  • Interactive training with practical advice – our sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging with practical advice you can use in your business.
  • Flexible and on-demand – with a range of courses repeating every month, you and your team can work through modules at your own pace.
  • Unlimited access – with unlimited access for all your employees, ISOMentor makes it easy to get new starters up to speed.

Which ISO training courses are available?

Our virtual training workshops are currently available for our most popular ISO – ISO 9001. We’re developing more training courses to cover all our core ISOs so you can look forward to more courses coming soon!

Ready to join ISOMentor?

ISOMentor is your most flexible and cost-effective way to ensure ultimate ISO understanding and compliance for you and your team. To find out more and register today, call 0333 3443646 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

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