What is an Integrated Management System?


An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of an organisation’s systems, processes and Standards into one smart system. This merger allows a business to streamline its management, save time and increase efficiency by addressing all elements of the management system as a whole.

A successful IMS cuts the unnecessary hassle and work of multiple management systems. For example, instead of holding audits for each Standard, you will only need to hold one. An IMS allows these processes to be combined so that they simultaneously cover all Standard-specific requirements.

Integration is now seamless thanks to the Annex SL high-level structure. Annex SL-based Standards share a similar structure of 10 clauses, which makes it much easier to see the similarities and shared processes of each Standard.

What are the benefits of an IMS?


Streamlined procedures and continual improvement can help to push your business with better quality, improved health and safety, and increased productivity.

Speed and cost-effectiveness

Integrated management with shared tasks and processes mean the costs and time needed to implement and maintain your system could be reduced. By conducting just one audit and one management review, you can save both time and money and senior staff can move onto other essential tasks.


Integrating your systems strips away complexity. With aligned systems and shared processes, you can make your procedures more logical and coherent. It will make common business goals stand out and give your business clearer, more defined objectives for success.

What IMS options does QMS offer?

Here at QMS we offer three IMS products, which feature the following combinations of Standards:

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

This IMS combines the Quality Management System with the Environmental Management System. In addition to a strong customer focus and the implementation of effective business practices for consistency and quality, the roles of leaders and the need for monitoring and assessment are required by both.

ISO 9001 and ISO 45001

This IMS merges the Quality Management System with the Occupational Health & Safety Management System. To achieve both you must show how you intend to improve, implement operations to measure and improve your management system, and both monitor and evaluate your business practices.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

For a fully streamlined system that takes care of all of your main ISO management needs, you can combine the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

All of these combinations work well together due to their shared Annex SL structure, which means they have plenty of similarities that can make managing them more straightforward. Simple language also makes them easier to implement and ensures that your team members know what to do.

This gives you more room to focus on driving continual improvement across a whole range of crucial areas without wasting unnecessary time and resources.

Digital Integrated Management Systems

Managing multiple ISOs in one integrated system is made even simpler with our digital platform, QMS Connect. This versatile digital system brings all of your documents, reviews, audits and records into one accessible place, which can be logged into at a time and place that suits you.

QMS Connect’s process-based system makes it easy for you and your team to associate processes, policies and procedures to the relevant Standard. Management is made even easier thanks to built-in version controls and automated task management functionality, which ensure the right documents are in use and that ownership responsibilities are clearly defined.

Our digital platform is also kitted out with guides, videos and a helpdesk ticketing system to ensure you are fully supported at all times. If we flag an area for improvement (non-conformance), we will highlight it and the corresponding Standard so that you can get in touch with the right teams to make the necessary change. This can speed up the process and help you to reach certification faster.

Talk to us about an Integrated Management System

If you’d like to find out more about the IMS options that we offer, take a look at our product overview page or get in touch with us. You can drop us a line at [email protected] or call us on 0333 344 3646.


Article updated 07/07/2020

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