QMS Connect

Your all-in-one ISO Management System Platform

QMS Connect takes ISO into the digital world by providing a secure, cloud-based Management System that makes ISO compliance easier than ever before.

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Experience put into practice

Built on the foundations of our former client portal, Launchpad, QMS Connect revolutionises the management system delivered by QMS.

Here are just some of the great features on offer:

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Process-based Management System - Say goodbye to old fashioned word-based manuals and hello to a management system that flows like your business and is user-friendly.

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Inbuilt Version Controls - Document control can sound like a laborious task. But QMS Connect makes it easy by tracking changes as they happen and automatically updating version records.

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Task Management Workflows - QMS Connect helps to keep employees engaged with the management system, thanks to automated email notifications, task reminders and progress reports.

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Customisable Digital Templates - QMS Connect is designed to be your ISO hub. Its digital templates can be customised, edited and saved within the system and easily accessed by your team at any time.

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User Management - Employee communication and engagement is often key to a good management system. QMS Connect has no user limits, enabling you to involve your team and set permission controls with ease.

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Real-time Reporting - QMS Connect provides summary reports, in real-time, of non-conformities and outstanding tasks. Taking the hassle out of tracking your ISO compliance.

Taking compliance to the cloud

By choosing to go digital, with QMS Connect, you and your team will benefit from secure access to your management system, associated documentation and tasks - 24/7.

With email notifications prompting users to log in and complete assigned tasks before set deadlines, electronic signature functionality and live reporting on non-conformities, management reviews and internal audits - QMS Connect keeps you in control of business processes and ISO compliance at all times.

See the system in action

To see first-hand how the features of QMS Connect could help your business, you can watch our video below:

How to use the QMS Connect Management System Platform

Are you ready for QMS Connect?

If you would like to discuss setting up a QMS Connect Account for your organisation, please either call 01603 573558, email connectup@qmsuk.com or complete the fields below:

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