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March 10 2021


From flagging up a non-conformity to discovering the root cause, this comprehensive webinar will provide a clear introduction to non-conformities, complete with examples of the types you may come across. It will also give you a great opportunity to ask our expert consultant any questions.

March 24 2021

ISO 27001 Suite

Are you looking to tighten information security in your business? Do you want your clients to trust your ability to keep data confidential and stay ahead of changes in UK and international law? If you’re saying ‘yes’ to these questions, then this webinar could give you the keys to the solution. In this session, our expert will introduce the ISO 27000 family, which has been developed to provide a comprehensive set of controls and processes to help you reduce cyber risks to your business and build trust in what you do.


February 24 2021

What is a SSIP?

Do you want to show current and future clients that you have satisfied the health & safety expectations of over 60 national bodies? Or have you seen a new tender that means you urgently require SSIP membership? Hosted by an experienced  SMAS Worksafe  consultant, a registered member of SSIP and a respected health & safety organisation, in this webinar you will learn all about the safety schemes,  including what they do, how they work and how they can help you secure work with trusted organisations.  Our presenter will also introduce you to the three-day process of SSIP accreditation with SMAS Worksafe as well as answer any questions you have. 

February 19 2021

Race to Zero

With the UK committed to reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, is your construction company ready to do its part? In this webinar, our consultant will give you practical examples on what you can do, as well as show you how ISO 14001, the Standard for environmental management, can give you the processes you need to set environmental goals and stay on track with new regulation and targets.

February 10 2021

Internal Audits

From creating an audit schedule and putting together an audit team to writing up your results, this comprehensive webinar will cover all essential aspects of running a successful internal audit. It will also give you a great opportunity to ask our expert consultant any questions.


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