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    LS Build LTD logo
    The spread of COVID-19 hit the construction industry hard. When lockdown went into force, many sites reduced their workforces or shut sites altogether to protect workers. Supply chains were interrupted and confidence in new projects plummeted. The pressure was also on to create new processes and procedures to keep vital projects going and to ensure...
    ClearView communications logo
    Known for providing leading, innovative integrated security solutions to the UK and Europe, operating to a high level is key to ClearView Communication's business strategy. Equally important is a client/business relationship built on trust. Together, these factors were the driving forces behind the choice to implement ISO 45001, the Standard fo...
    CINTRA logo
    Cintra has been in business for more than 20 years designing, building and supporting business-critical information management solutions. Its clients come from a huge range of sectors, including finance, retail, healthcare, media and the public sector, and all need agile, cloud-enabled architecture to support their business strategies. 
    Copart UK logo
    Copart UK, a company that holds used and salvaged car auctions in addition to running a website for buying cars, has always emphasised the importance of well documented processes and continuous improvement.  When the pandemic spread, Copart UK was able to rely upon its business continuity plan to help them work effectively and with minimal disr...
    Efinity Labs logo
    Efinity Labs has been specialising in liquid blending, filling and packing since 2015, but the advent of the coronavirus pandemic opened up a new business opportunity for them and they quickly adapted their factory to produce high volumes of hand sanitiser and its packaging. 
    DS Water logo
    DS Water is a water hygiene and treatment service based in Chiswick, West London. Formed in 2017, the business has grown from a simple start-up to a company that now employs 12 people to provide services across London, the South East and the rest of the UK.

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