Thank you for submitting the Direct Debit Mandate

A copy of this instruction will be sent to the QMS Finance Team. Should you require a copy for your records please contact the team on the contact details below.


Benefits of setting up a Direct Debit with QMS:

  • Peace of mind – your annual fees are paid automatically, so there is no risk of missing a payment or receiving a late payment penalty.
  • Convenient – you no longer need to post cheques or call our accounts team to pay by card. 
  • Secure - Direct Debit is the most secure form of payment available, meaning that fraud is highly unlikely.
  • Protected - the Direct Debit Guarantee protects you with a comprehensive range of safeguards.
  • Control - Direct Debit offers options not found in alternative payment choices, such as standing orders.

If you have any questions about this process or require any assistance, please contact the QMS Accounts Department by calling 01603 273736 or emailing .


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