Benefits of high-quality training for ISO businesses


What makes training “high-quality”? Is it engaging content? Additional resources? Approvals and certification? We believe it’s a mixture of all these points that makes for high-quality training, which can benefit your organisations in many ways…

Fewer mistakes and bigger wins

It improves productivity, helps employees understand their roles and responsibilities, and boosts employee morale and engagement. High-quality training should encourage employees to learn from their mistakes and allow them time to reflect on how they can strengthen themselves in the area they are learning about to meet their potential every day.

Learning from the best

The best quality training courses will be the ones with approvals and certification from the most recognised authorities. For example, CPD and RoSPA. By enrolling in courses that have a stamp of approval from these bodies, you can be confident your employees are learning from the best. These stamps of approval also go that extra step and give your organisation’s training plan better credibility when it comes to inspections or marketing to new clients and employees.

Tackling the “Great Resignation”

The “Great Resignation” is a term used to describe the record number of employees who are quitting their jobs amid a post-pandemic rise in demand for better working benefits.

Employees have developed higher expectations of their employers and employers must now ensure they are offering rewarding job opportunities. By providing high-quality training programs for employees to develop their skills, organisations are making an investment in their future successes. It shows employees they are valued and can be a deciding factor when it comes to job recruitment and retention.

Why high-quality training is important for ISOs

When it comes to workplace training, many people tend to just think about the mandatory courses that must be offered to staff like fire safety training. However, there are many areas that employees could be trained in to help your business. In fact, many training topics tie in directly with ISOs.

For example, cyber security training can go a long way in ensuring your organisation works towards compliance with ISO 27001. And providing your employees with health & safety training can help reduce accidents in your workplace and support compliance with ISO 45001.

When looking for training courses to help with ISO certification, it is crucial that you opt for the highest quality training. All information must be up-to-date, and it’s important that the course is engaging so that the information sticks.

How QMS can help with your training needs

Keeping on top of compliance is easier than ever with the support of our interactive high-quality training services – ISOMentor and QMS eLearning.


ISOMentor is our new live and interactive online training service for businesses. Get access to a catalogue of virtual training workshops designed and delivered by our ISO experts. Each one-hour module provides engaging and easy-to-understand content that will help to develop and train your team to understand what your management system requires and how you can enhance compliance to drive your business goals.

Why choose ISOMentor? Our courses…

  1. Are created and designed by experts
  2. Are repeated regularly so you won’t miss a beat
  3. Cover all aspects of ISO Standards
  4. Have unlimited employee access, great for adding new starters!
  5. Are delivered online, making it convenient and cost-effective for your business


Here at QMS, we offer over 140 certified eLearning modules that are available at a click of a button!

Our cost-effective learning solution will help you to upskill your team without disrupting their day-to-day performance, as they’ll have the ability to complete the training at a time and place that suits them.

Why choose QMS eLearning? Our courses…

  1. Are created and designed by experts
  2. Are available on demand
  3. Are certified and approved
  4. Contribute towards CPD hours
  5. Come with in-built reporting and training matrices


If you would like to find out more about our high-quality training services, you can visit our dedicated page, or give the QMS team a call today on 0333 344 3646.

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