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    HSE reveals that more than half of working days were lost to mental ill health

    The latest statistical report produced by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) ...

    Fri, November 06 2020


    Wrap it up: how to keep outdoor workers safe in winter

    As the leaves fall and the mercury drops, many of us head inside to hibernate. B...

    Wed, November 04 2020


    Extension granted for OHSAS 18001 certified businesses upgrading to ISO 45001

    The global pandemic has put many businesses on the back foot. In recognition of ...

    Tue, November 03 2020


    Why should manufacturers get ISO 9001?

    Maintaining quality, consistency and customer satisfaction is key for success in...

    Wed, October 21 2020


    Master the 8D method of problem-solving

    A one-off non-conformity is common in any business, but if left to multiply, the...

    Wed, October 07 2020


    Cyber security after COVID-19: what should businesses do next?

    COVID-19 is still far from being banished to the back of our minds, but with the...

    Thu, October 01 2020


    Building trust with ISO 45001

    ClearView has been providing powerful commercial security systems to businesses ...

    Fri, September 11 2020


    Testing, testing: how to test your business continuity plan

    A robust business continuity plan can help your business get back on its feet af...

    Thu, August 27 2020


    How can ISO 9001 attract clients in the recruitment industry?

    The recruitment industry is a pretty saturated market with thousands of companie...

    Tue, August 25 2020


    The new ISO 20252:2019 for market research you can trust

    Show your clients that you take consistency, transparency and security seriously...

    Tue, August 18 2020


    Time to upgrade your ISO 22301?

    In 2019 the requirements of ISO 22301, the Standard for the Business Continuity ...

    Sun, August 16 2020


    5 steps to finding and resolving ISO 9001 non-conformities

    Hunting for the root cause of a non-conformity and putting corrective action in ...

    Wed, August 05 2020


    New opportunities for Cintra with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

    After achieving certification in both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, Cintra, a multi-aw...

    Fri, July 31 2020


    One in five managers aren’t trained in health & safety

    Research by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) and YouGov has ...

    Tue, July 28 2020


    Workplace fatalities reach record low reveals HSE

    The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has released provisional health and safety...

    Mon, July 27 2020


    What is an Integrated Management System?

    Find out about Integrated Management Systems and how they can help businesses li...

    Tue, July 07 2020


    What are the 5 key components of a business continuity plan?

    The power goes off, you’re hit with a cyber-attack, a pandemic breaks out… d...

    Mon, July 06 2020


    Cover up and keep cool: how to keep your outdoor workers safe in the sun

    The sun is out and lockdown is loosening, which means more of us are lying out i...

    Fri, July 03 2020


    Are your cyber policies up to scratch for the ‘new normal’?

    Whether working remotely, heading back to the office or switching between the tw...

    Wed, July 01 2020


    In focus: DS Water and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

    To find out how the services of QMS help businesses reach ISO certification, we ...

    Tue, June 16 2020


    The long game: why strategy is the key to environmental sustainability in business

    We’ve all doing our bit by throwing cans in the recycling bin at work and flic...

    Tue, June 09 2020


    Building a path out of lockdown with ISO 9001

    When COVID-19 sent the construction industry into crisis, London-based firm LS B...

    Wed, June 03 2020


    Let’s get back to business: 5 things you need to think about

    There’s a little bit of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel and organisati...

    Wed, June 03 2020


    Taking action: 7 things SMEs are doing now to save the planet

    Every little helps when it comes to saving the environment, but some SMEs are ta...

    Mon, April 27 2020


    Planet vs profit: what are current SME attitudes towards environmental sustainability?

    Consumers and governments are calling for more businesses to embrace an environm...

    Wed, April 22 2020


    From cabinets to PPE

    After COVID-19 forced Rapid 3D Solutions ( to shut down, its ISO ...

    Wed, April 22 2020


    Major or minor: what are the differences between non-conformances?

    Non-conformances will often get flagged up in audits, but what is the difference...

    Tue, April 21 2020


    10 ways to spring clean your business during lockdown

    Lockdown may be preventing business as usual, but it could be the perfect opport...

    Tue, March 31 2020


    The business case for ISO 9001: why should you buy?

    You have to speculate to accumulate, and ISO 9001 has a strong case for investme...

    Mon, March 23 2020


    How can ISOs make your business disaster-proof?

    Fire, flood, theft, a global pandemic… disaster can strike at any time. But wi...

    Fri, March 20 2020


    Coronavirus update: our services

    QMS has been closely monitoring the latest advice and is fully equipped to conti...

    Wed, March 18 2020


    Slips, sickness and stress remain high at work says HSE

    Figures from the 2018-19 HSE summary show that illness and injury rates at work ...

    Thu, February 27 2020


    Risky business: why an out-of-date management system is a risk

    Don’t let your standards slip with an out of date management system – upgrad...

    Wed, February 26 2020


    How Office Tech Can Help Businesses Make Eco-Friendly Choices

    Going for the pro-environmental option does not necessarily require a huge amoun...

    Wed, January 29 2020


    Holiday Opening Hours

    A brief update featuring the QMS holiday period opening times.

    Fri, December 13 2019


    ISO 22301 Update - how will Certified Businesses be Impacted?

    Earlier this year, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) upda...

    Wed, December 11 2019


    How do you manage your management review?

    Make your next management review one to remember with these top tips on how to k...

    Tue, November 26 2019


    ISO 22301:2019 Revision Published

    ISO 22301:2019, the updated standard for business continuity management systems ...

    Wed, November 20 2019


    What do I do if I’ve failed my ISO audit?

    A detailed guide on what to do if you have failed an ISO audit and how you can r...

    Tue, November 12 2019


    Management System maintenance: what do businesses need to do?

    Ensuring that your Management System is kept up-to-date is one of the most impor...

    Wed, October 16 2019


    Context of the Organisation Explained

    An in-depth look at Clause 4 of the Annex SL structured ISO Standards, Context o...

    Fri, October 04 2019


    CDM Regulations explained

    They’re the main regulations overseeing health, safety, and welfare across Bri...

    Fri, September 13 2019


    Get educated in ISO 27001 - Higher standards for higher education

    With the potential for financial loss, legal action and privacy violations, coll...

    Thu, August 29 2019


    Non-conformities – what are they and why do we need to check for them?

    How to identify instances of non-conformity within a Management System and why i...

    Tue, August 27 2019


    Are you ready to Tender?

    An overview of the different types of tenders and the issues you should consider...

    Fri, August 23 2019


    What does a no-deal Brexit mean for your environmental policy?

    With a no-deal Brexit on the table, how are businesses going to meet their clima...

    Wed, August 21 2019


    Information Commissioner's Office updates their Data Protection guidance

    The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has updated their guidance on Subjec...

    Fri, August 16 2019


    Everything you need to know about ISO Management Systems

    Are you struggling to get your head around ISO Management Systems? This comprehe...

    Thu, August 08 2019


    ISO 27001: an education

    Colleges and other education establishments are now required to implement ISO 27...

    Mon, July 15 2019


    British Airways fine: a warning to all

    If data protection hasn’t crossed your mind much since the GDPR came into effe...

    Fri, July 12 2019


    A Beginner's Guide to understanding SSIP Membership and Accreditation

    What is SSIP? And what does it all mean? This blog explains SSIP membership and ...

    Wed, July 10 2019


    ISO 22000 for event management companies

    Find out how ISO 22000 is an excellent way to manage the complex processes that ...

    Thu, June 20 2019


    What is the Plan Do Check Act cycle?

    Find out about the Plan Do Check Act cycle and how it works.

    Wed, June 12 2019


    The importance of engaging your team

    Empowered and engaged employees bring many benefits to an organisation. Find out...

    Mon, June 03 2019


    GDPR One Year Anniversary

    In the year since it was introduced, how does the European Commission rate the p...

    Fri, May 24 2019


    10 Information Security Tips for Small Businesses

    Read our tips on how small and micro businesses can protect themselves from info...

    Tue, May 07 2019


    What is Annex SL?

    Annex SL is the high-level structure for modern ISO Standards. The new structure...

    Thu, April 25 2019


    Documented Management System vs ISO Manual

    Documents that describe your Organisation's processes are referred to as a docum...

    Tue, April 23 2019


    ISO 9001 vs other Quality Management Systems

    Find out about the differences between an ISO 9001 certified Management System a...

    Mon, March 25 2019


    ISO 20252:2019 Published

    The 2019 version of ISO 20252 - the Standard for Market, opinion and social rese...

    Fri, March 15 2019



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