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Get up to speed on all the latest industry news, from ISO revisions to the latest research, and discover the newest products from QMS. You can also brush up on your business and ISO management skills using our detailed guides, crafted using insider knowledge from our experts.

    How do toolbox talks fit into ISO 45001?

    Safety meetings such as toolbox talks are a great way to promote health & safety within an organisation. But what do they involve and how can they help you to meet ISO 45001 requirements?


    Natasha’s Law is coming – are your processes up to scratch?

    On 1 October Natasha’s Law comes into force, which means food producers and suppliers need to ensure that they have the right ingredient information displayed. But what exactly is changing and how can ISO 22000 help?


    Our 2021 Environment Report goes live

    In the first half of 2021, we spoke to businesses about their attitudes towards sustainability in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The results have now been analysed and published in our in-depth report.


    The 101 on efficient warehouse management

    Warehouse efficiency has long been relied upon for successfully servicing many industry sectors, but the recent boom of e-commerce has brought it even more into focus. A high level of organisation and quality communication is required to effectively manage a warehouse and consistently (and successfully) fulfil the end consumer’s needs. None of this is possible without efficient warehouse management.


    How can ISO 9001 help sole traders?

    ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised Standard for quality, but this doesn’t mean that it is only designed for large companies. Read on to find out how micro businesses and sole traders can also benefit from its processes.


    Why is physical security important for information protection?

    Information security is focused on keeping your data and information safe from theft, corruption or distortion. In our digital world, […]


    Ransomware attacks double in 2021

    Ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021 have doubled with the education, retail and manufacturing sectors proving to be the most appealing targets.


    QMS raises over £1,000 for the Woodland Trust

    QMS International is happy to announce that we have raised more than £1,000 for the Woodland Trust, which will go towards supporting the reforestation of Britain.


    All alone: what are the risks of lone working?

    Lone working carries unique risks, and with approximately eight million people already working without others in the UK, employers need to know what they can do to keep them safe.


    What should be included in an information security policy?

    Information security policies form the foundation of an organisation’s security and are featured as part of ISO 27001’s controls. But what are they and what should they include?


    HSE releases statistics for fatal workplace accidents in 2020/21

    The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has released its provisional statistics for fatal workplace accidents in the year 2020/21, revealing that there was an increase of 29 deaths after the record low of 2019/20.


    Construction firms must commit to net zero to win public contracts

    From September, construction companies bidding for public contracts worth £5 million or more must commit their business to reaching a net zero target by 2050, highlighting the growing emphasis on businesses growing their environmental consciousness.


    Environment survey raises money for the Woodland Trust

    QMS has so far raised a total of £580 for the Woodland Trust by donating £10 for every completion of a survey assessing business attitudes towards the environment.


    How do you restart your manufacturing business after COVID-19?

    Business in the manufacturing sector is picking up, which means more businesses are re-opening their doors or upping the pace of production. But how can you restart safely and prepare for growth?


    QMS’ new online management platform available to all customers

    QMS has adapted its new online platform, QMS Connect, so that both new and existing customers can reap the benefits of more straightforward ISO project management from one single platform.


    How does ISO 27001 help to protect your organisation?

    ISO 27001 is the international Standard for information security but how does it work to protect your organisation and its information?


    QMS awarded 1* rating in the Best Companies survey

    The pandemic may have made 2021 a tough year for many, but the dedication of QMS’ staff has led to a 1* rating for ‘very good’ engagement in the 2021 Best Companies survey, a fantastic achievement.


    How can ISOs support mental well-being in the workplace?

    Mental health in the workplace has become a priority issue, particularly after the effects of COVID-19. But how can ISOs help you to support your team’s mental well-being?


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