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    Holiday Opening Hours

    Fri, December 13 2019

    A brief update featuring the QMS holiday period opening times.

    ISO 22301 Update - how will Certified Businesses be Impacted?

    Wed, December 11 2019

    Earlier this year, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) updated the Standard for business continuity management – ISO 22301 – to make it easier and clearer to use. Find out how this change affects businesses currently using an ISO 22301:2012 Management System.

    How do you manage your management review?

    Tue, November 26 2019

    Make your next management review one to remember with these top tips on how to keep them engaging.

    ISO 22301:2019 Revision Published

    Wed, November 20 2019

    ISO 22301:2019, the updated standard for business continuity management systems was published on 31st October 2019 and replaces the previous 2012 edition.

    What do I do if I’ve failed my ISO audit?

    Tue, November 12 2019

    A detailed guide on what to do if you have failed an ISO audit and how you can recover from a failure.

    Management System maintenance: what do businesses need to do?

    Wed, October 16 2019

    Ensuring that your Management System is kept up-to-date is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your certification to your chosen Standard. If you've ever wondered where to start; look no further.

    Context of the Organisation Explained

    Fri, October 04 2019

    An in-depth look at Clause 4 of the Annex SL structured ISO Standards, Context of the Organisation.

    CDM Regulations explained

    Fri, September 13 2019

    They’re the main regulations overseeing health, safety, and welfare across Britain’s construction industry, but how much do you know about CDM? Here, we take a closer look at these important legal duties

    Get educated in ISO 27001 - Higher standards for higher education

    Thu, August 29 2019

    With the potential for financial loss, legal action and privacy violations, colleges and HEIs can no longer afford to ignore cyber threats. And with the recent new requirement for colleges and HEIs to have ISO 27001 certification, now is the time to act, before it’s too late.

    Non-conformities – what are they and why do we need to check for them?

    Tue, August 27 2019

    How to identify instances of non-conformity within a Management System and why it is important to do so.

    Are you ready to Tender?

    Fri, August 23 2019

    An overview of the different types of tenders and the issues you should consider before responding

    What does a no-deal Brexit mean for your environmental policy?

    Wed, August 21 2019

    With a no-deal Brexit on the table, how are businesses going to meet their climate change requirements?

    Information Commissioner's Office updates their Data Protection guidance

    Fri, August 16 2019

    The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has updated their guidance on Subject Access Requests. Read more about the changes and how they affect your business.

    Everything you need to know about ISO Management Systems

    Thu, August 08 2019

    Are you struggling to get your head around ISO Management Systems? This comprehensive guide will tell you all the essentials and get you up to speed in no time!

    ISO 27001: an education

    Mon, July 15 2019

    Colleges and other education establishments are now required to implement ISO 27001 as part of their 2019/2020 contracts

    British Airways fine: a warning to all

    Fri, July 12 2019

    If data protection hasn’t crossed your mind much since the GDPR came into effect last year, then this month’s shocking announcement by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) might give you pause.

    A Beginner's Guide to understanding SSIP Membership and Accreditation

    Wed, July 10 2019

    What is SSIP? And what does it all mean? This blog explains SSIP membership and how businesses may become SSIP accredited. It also addresses the great benefits that SSIP accreditation can pose for buyers and suppliers. Finally, it provides insight into SMAS.

    ISO 22000 for event management companies

    Thu, June 20 2019

    Find out how ISO 22000 is an excellent way to manage the complex processes that event management companies are required to follow.

    What is the Plan Do Check Act cycle?

    Wed, June 12 2019

    Find out about the Plan Do Check Act cycle and how it works.

    The importance of engaging your team

    Mon, June 03 2019

    Empowered and engaged employees bring many benefits to an organisation. Find out how you can get your employees on side and bring these benefits to your business.

    GDPR One Year Anniversary

    Fri, May 24 2019

    In the year since it was introduced, how does the European Commission rate the progress of the GDPR?

    10 Information Security Tips for Small Businesses

    Tue, May 07 2019

    Read our tips on how small and micro businesses can protect themselves from information security threats

    What is Annex SL?

    Thu, April 25 2019

    Annex SL is a term that you may have come across while looking into ISO Management Systems, but what is it?

    Documented Management System vs ISO Manual

    Tue, April 23 2019

    Documents that describe your Organisation's processes are referred to as a documented Management System. But how should you present these documents?

    What is an Integrated Management System?

    Tue, April 09 2019

    Find out about Integrated Management Systems and how they can help businesses like yours.

    ISO 9001 vs other Quality Management Systems

    Mon, March 25 2019

    Find out about the differences between an ISO 9001 certified Management System and other available Quality Management Systems.

    ISO 20252:2019 Published

    Fri, March 15 2019

    The 2019 version of ISO 20252 - the Standard for Market, opinion and social research - has been released. This third revision to the Standard has seen it updated to cover changes to both new and modified research practices.

    How Will ISO 9001 Help Your Start-Up?

    Mon, March 04 2019

    While often viewed as a tool for larger companies, ISO 9001 certification actually has equal power to boost the performance of start-up ventures. Here’s how:

    5 tips to turn customer complaints into useful insight

    Mon, February 18 2019

    People don’t like complaining – they do it because you have in some way annoyed or frustrated them. That is why it is important to remember these 5 important tips.

    What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment?

    Thu, February 14 2019

    Following recent updates to privacy legislation, businesses now need to build data protection into their products and processes right from the design stages.

    QMS awarded One to Watch for second year in a row

    Fri, February 08 2019

    Following the completion of an Employee Engagement Survey through Best Companies, QMS has made it onto the Best Companies Ones to Watch list for a second year.

    Three in a row for QMS following 2019 “Gold Trusted Service” win

    Fri, February 01 2019

    2019 sees the third year in a row that QMS has earned the Feefo Gold Trusted Service award.

    What to expect in 2019

    Mon, January 28 2019

    A lot can happen in a year, from upgraded ISO Standards, to the UK’s exit from the EU and its subsequent changes to laws and regulations, here are just a few upcoming events to take note of for 2019.

    Does Brexit affect CE marking / BS EN 1090 and manufacturers

    Fri, January 18 2019

    With the UK’s exit from the EU drawing ever closer, how will companies using the current BS EN 1090 Standard and CE marking be affected?

    How will data protection rules change after Brexit?

    Tue, January 15 2019

    It seems like the UK’s exit from the EU is just around the corner, and there are still so many questions on what will change and how businesses will be affected.

    ISO 14001 versus ISO 50001 - What are the Differences?

    Fri, January 11 2019

    Businesses looking to become more environmentally responsible are turning to ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems to help them with these aims. But there is a separate Standard, ISO 50001 Energy Management, which is causing confusion for businesses who are unsure

    Why Going Green is Good For Business

    Fri, January 04 2019

    When environmental issues first hit the headlines back in the late 1970s the concept of going green was alien to most businesses. Since then, the world has pulled together and created all kinds of initiatives and programs to help slow the effects of global warming.

    How the GDPR stole Christmas

    Tue, December 18 2018

    Since the GDPR came into force in May this year, there has been a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding the new regulations and how they apply to both businesses and individuals.

    How does ISO 45001 add value to a conventional Health & Safety program?

    Wed, December 12 2018

    Find out how businesses can improve their Health & Safety program by implementing an ISO 45001 Management System.

    5 Common Project Management Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    Tue, December 04 2018

    What are the most common mistakes project managers make — and more importantly, how can you avoid them?

    5 Tips to get the most out of a Management Review

    Mon, November 26 2018

    A Management Review is a formal, structured meeting which involves top management and takes place at regular intervals throughout the year. They are a critical and required part of running an ISO certified Management System. Find out how you can run an effective Management Review

    Phase 2 of Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme imminent

    Tue, November 13 2018

    The second phase of ESOS is due to begin shortly and businesses who meet the qualification criteria will need to notify the Environmental Agency that they comply by the end of 2019. Find out if the scheme affects your business.

    5 Tips to get the most out of a Supplier Audit

    Fri, October 26 2018

    If you decide to carry out a Supplier Audit on the companies you work with, here are some practical tips to help you prepare, ensuring that you get the most out of the process.

    How to identify risks and keep trading following a service disruption

    Tue, October 23 2018

    Find out what kind of risks can affect a business and what steps can you put in place to recover from these service disruptions - helping to maintain continuity in your service offering.

    5 Tips to get the most out of an Internal Audit

    Wed, October 17 2018

    Internal Audits are scheduled periodic checks performed by businesses to ensure that their procedures are being followed as documented and are fit for purpose. Find out how they help your business to examine the operation and success of your Management System.

    How ISO Certification helps with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

    Thu, October 04 2018

    Find out which of the ISO Standards help to meet the United Nation's (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Information Security – Compliance and Certification

    Tue, September 25 2018

    Information security isn’t a brand-new subject, but rapid advances in technology over recent years have made it much more challenging for organisations to protect personal data. Find out how you can protect your business.

    ISO 20000-1:2018 Published

    Tue, September 18 2018

    ISO 20000-1, the Standard for IT Service Management, has been updated. The Standard has been revised with new features and updated guidance, allowing businesses to improve their IT service provision and ensure that their processes is in line with modern techniques and expectation

    Transition Window for ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004 has Closed

    Fri, September 14 2018

    Companies who are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and/or ISO 14001:2004 will have to decide if they will transition/upgrade to the new standard, or continue with their current certification.

    ISO 50001:2018 Published

    Tue, August 21 2018

    The 2018 version of ISO 50001 Energy Management has been released seeing the Standard updated to include new processes and guidance which will allow businesses to use energy more efficiently and effectively.

    QMS partners with Your Tender Team

    Fri, August 17 2018

    QMS are delighted to announce a partnership with Your Tender Team. Together we are able to provide customers who are looking to go to tender the ISO Certifications they need to meet the tender's requirements, and the advice they need to get a successful bid.

    5 Ways to Improve the Consistency of your Organisation's Operations

    Mon, August 06 2018

    Discover how to maximise productivity and customer satisfaction by improving the consistency of your organisation’s operations

    5 Tips for businesses looking to Tender

    Tue, July 17 2018

    Tenders can be an important source of new business for your organisation. But how do you make sure you stand out from the competition and win those contracts?

    ISO 22000 Update – how will Certified Businesses be Impacted?

    Mon, July 09 2018

    In June we saw the release of the latest version of the food safety management Standard, ISO 22000. Find out how this change affects businesses currently using an ISO 22000:2005 Management System.

    5 Tips to get the most out of an External Audit

    Wed, July 04 2018

    External Audits ensure that your processes, systems and Manual are still appropriate and, more importantly, beneficial to your business. Find out how you can get the most out of yours with these five tips.

    What is the role of a Data Protection Officer?

    Thu, June 21 2018

    With extra focus being placed on data protection in recent months, many organisations are left asking questions about their responsibilities toward it, especially over topics such as if they need to assign a Data Protection Officer. Find out more about this role and how it fits i

    ISO 22000:2018 Published

    Tue, June 19 2018

    The latest version of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management has been published, coming with big changes to the way risk is considered and to the structure of the Standard itself.

    Helping the White Van Man go Green

    Fri, June 15 2018

    In May, the government announced a two month consultation to incentivise van owners to buy newer, lower emission models by reducing their Vehicle Excise Duty both in the first year of ownership and thereafter.

    GDPR - Understanding your rights

    Mon, June 04 2018

    In today's digital world, almost every interaction you have with an organisation will involve the sharing of your personal data. Find out what rights you have when it comes to your personal data.

    Does ISO 27001 provide GDPR Compliance

    Tue, May 29 2018

    Implementing the ISO 27001 Management System does not necessarily mean that you have fulfilled your responsibilities as a business handling personal data in accordance with the GDPR, but it does mean you're well on your way.


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