In focus: DS Water and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


DS Water is a water hygiene and treatment service based in Chiswick, West London. Formed in 2017, the business has grown from a simple start-up to a company that now employs 12 people to provide services across London, the South East and the rest of the UK.

As the business grew, managing director Daniel Goaillard realised that he needed to put stronger processes in place to drive the company forward and scale operations. He therefore turned to QMS in order to become certified in both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

He also opted to control his management systems via QMS Connect, our secure cloud-based platform that allows users to amend and upload documents, assign tasks and access guides, videos and an online ticketing support system.

In just three weeks, he achieved certification in both Standards and is looking forward to promoting the business’ achievements.

Why did you choose QMS?

“The sales rep at QMS explained to me the support that QMS gives and I just had to go that way – I couldn’t see any other competitors that offered the same ‘ease’. As a company you have to be lean – you can’t be wasteful with time, energy or money. So QMS and QMS Connect were the perfect solution. From start to finish, it was exactly what I needed as a company owner.”

How did you find the process of becoming certified?

“The consultant talked me through everything and made sure that we wrote documents that really matched our company. It wasn’t a difficult process, but it would have been three weeks of being lost and not knowing what to do if I had gone elsewhere. It was a quick process, but it was very methodical as well.

“I expected it to be a much bigger deal. It sounded intimidating, but it really wasn’t.”

How does QMS Connect help your business?

“The platform makes it very easy. It helps to eliminate any human errors that I could introduce. Having the document templates in there makes a big difference.

“QMS Connect is really streamlined too – I always know where I am up to and what I need to do next. Within a few minutes I’ve got an action plan put together. It means I get to do the job better and ensure compliance – it’s perfect for that.”

Has gaining ISO certification helped your team?

“I’ve been meeting with my team more since the 14001 and 9001 certification audit and now everyone feels that we’ve got a clearer direction on the back end of the business. They understand our environmental commitments and our quality commitments. It’s surprising how much it helps to have this understood and communicated out to the other teams.

“Everyone now knows what we do and why, and it teaches you to think better as well, to think more about environmental commitments and quality, and how that affects clients and how that affects us internally.”

How will the ISOs help your business going forward?

“The ISOs have given me a better platform to scale from. I think new business will come from it and confidence will come from the company. It shows commitment to our clients too – it shows that we are trying to be better and that we have things in place now to ensure we are working and operating professionally.

“Now we’ve got things written down we know what to do. There are also things we could do better and there will be more things we can log – we will go through everything at the next management review and probably take it up a notch.

“Auditing is just going to be something that happens every year where we show what we are doing, we get the certification and we crack on. I think it’s going to help the business no end.”

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