Renewing your ISO Certification

Renew your ISO certification with confidence, knowing that a partnership with QMS will benefit your business, year after year.    

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What is the Renewal Process?

When you come to the end of your current agreement with QMS, your Auditors will conduct a re-certification audit in place of your final surveillance audit, at no additional cost, to prepare your management system for the process of renewing. 

Approximately three months prior to your certificate expiry date, our Renewals Team will contact you to discuss your current business needs and future certification requirements. From the information you provide, the Certification Renewal Team will review the ongoing suitability of your current auditing schedule before supplying you with our renewal information, which will be inclusive of a renewal agreement.  

The renewal agreement will enable you to simply roll-on from your existing audit schedule, avoiding any unnecessary additional visits and subsequent costs.

What happens if I still need to upgrade my Management System?

If your Management System no longer complies with the latest version of the ISO Standard, don’t worry, our Certification Renewal Team will be able to advise you on the various upgrade options available, before they process your renewal paperwork. 

It is important that you upgrade your Management System if you plan to use it to win more tenders, customers, contracts with suppliers or to meet the needs of other interested parties.  

How do I get assistance? 

If you would like to discuss your future certification needs or have any questions regarding the renewal process, please email or call 01603 573003.

Benefits of renewing with QMS

QMS are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and value for money. 

That’s why our services always include the following great benefits:

  1. Fixed audit fees for the duration of the contracted period*
  2. Access to QMS Connect our cloud-based, digital management system platform** 
  3. No unnecessary re-certification visits or additional re-certification fees 
  4. Flexible audit options to help minimise disruptions to your organisation 
  5. Access to our team of experienced consultants and auditors via email and phone
  6. Valuable business advice from field experts that are already familiar with your management system and organisation.

* Subject to RPI.

** The Management System must conform to the latest version of the. Standard to be eligible. Terms and Conditions Apply


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