The ISO Certification Process

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Our 3 stage certification process

Your fast, simple and cost-effective approach to ISO certification.

With over 25 years’ experience in the field and more than 30,000 certifications issued, our team of experienced consultants and auditors offer you a friendly, award- winning service that can help you to achieve certification in as few as 45 days (following our first visit).

You’ll also get access to our secure and interactive ISO management platform, Atlas ISO, which can simplify your ISO maintenance, keep you on top of essential tasks and track risks in real-time.

Whether you have a documented management system in place or not, we can help you achieve certification quickly and with minimal hassle.

Stage 1: Documentation

One of our consultants will visit your organisation to inspect your existing processes and procedures and help you understand how they match up to the ISO’s requirements.

They will use their findings to produce a report which details any changes that need to be made in order for you to achieve certification. This is called the gap analysis report and its findings will be published onto our online platform, Atlas ISO, for you to review and access at any time.

To save you time and hassle, the consultant will also produce your documented management system, which defines all of your processes.

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Stage 2: Implementation

Now is the time to make any necessary changes. By accessing your gap analysis report on Atlas ISO, you can discover what non-conformities need to be addressed before our consultant visits you again.

To make this as straightforward as possible, you can access a whole host of tutorial videos, help guides and editable templates on your Atlas platform. You can also log queries with our support team using the built-in ticketing system. If more help is needed, our support team offers telephone and email support during office hours, Monday to Friday.

Stage 3: Certification

To gain certification, our auditor will visit your organisation to check that all of the required processes and procedures are in place and, more importantly, are being followed correctly. If any non-conformities were identified during the gap analysis, the auditor will need to see evidence that these have been addressed.

Providing everything is in place, our auditor will recommend you for certification and you will shortly receive your ISO certificate. Congratulations!




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Ongoing verification

To maintain the validity of your certification, your documented processes and procedures must be checked on an annual basis.

External audits will therefore be carried out by us around the anniversary of your certification date. This will help us to verify your continued compliance with the ISO Standard.

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