QMS Certification Badge Usage

Displaying an ISO Badge helps to build confidence with customers and other interested parties, while differentiating you from the competition.

Our Certification Badges have been carefully created to offer you two very clear and contemporary styles – both of which include the version of the Standard(s) to which you are certified.

We also offer customers who have multiple Certifications the option to list all their Standards on the one grey Badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Certification Badge should I use?

Which badge you use is, of course, entirely up to you however, it is important to remember to not change the colours or go below the recommended size. Full advice can be found in our Brand Guidelines.

Where can I find the Certification Badges?

These Badges can be found within the certification pack provided by your consultant or by contacting enquiries@qmsuk.com. For customers with access to the QMS Client Portal, Launchpad, the Badges can also be downloaded from there.

What else do I need to know?

ISO do not provide Certification; therefore, certified organisations are prohibited from using their logo for this purpose. Only ISO, ISO members, and ISO technical committees are permitted to use the ISO logo and name.

For more information, please see our leaflet on the correct use of Certification Badges.

Need help?

If you need help with our Certification Badges, or wish to request a new one, please email your requirements to our Admin Department at enquiries@qmsuk.com or alternatively you can call them on 01603 630345.