ISO 20000 Certification
IT Service Management

Deliver the highest standards of internal and outsourced IT services.

If you want to provide the highest standards of internal or outsourced IT Service Management (ITSM), you need ISO 20000 certification. This international standard is already widely recognised by the IT industry as evidence of excellence in all areas of IT service provision. Following the ISO 20000 framework will give you a competitive advantage by ensuring your ITSM services are robust, efficient and responsive.

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What is ISO 20000?

ISO 20000 is a framework for businesses wanting to implement a service management system (SMS) and then monitor, review, maintain and improve upon it.

The standard allows businesses to document the design, transition, delivery and improvement of their services and evaluate whether those services are meeting their objectives.

ISO 20000 is especially relevant for business that are seeking assurance that their service requirements will be fulfilled or are looking to establish a consistent approach across its business and supply chain.

The benefits of ISO 20000

Here are the top benefits of using the ISO 20000 framework:

  1. Adopt an integrated approach to IT service delivery

  2. Deliver consistently high standards of products and services

  3. Reduce process errors and strengthen incident management

  4. Improve response times and reduce interruptions to IT services

  5. Reduce costs and increase revenues

  6. Increase internal and external customers satisfaction

  7. Improve its corporate image and credibility with customers

  8. Increase employee understanding of roles and business objectives

  9. Ensure employees are aware of and comply with relevant laws

  10. Create a culture of continuous improvement among employees

  11. Protect its brand, its assets, its shareholders, and its directors

  12. Retain customers and win new business.

How much does ISO 20000 cost?

Prices will vary based on the size and complexity of your business.

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The requirements of ISO 20000

The ISO 20000 standard uses a structure of 9 clauses which, roughly grouped together, cover four key areas:

  1. Service Management – the processes your business must follow to run a successful IT Service Management System and ensure your IT service provision is integrated. Unlike the other sections, not all areas will be applicable to your business

  2. Issue Resolution – how your business plans to report on, restore and prevent issues that prevent the delivery of your services

  3. Change Management – details on how your business handles changes, both in terms of processes and new or changed services

  4. Management Responsibility and Resource Management – the areas where your management team need to focus on, be involved with and be accountable for. This also includes how resources such as people, infrastructure and facilities must be assigned to ensure the best possible performance

Frequently asked questions

What is ISO/IEC 20000:2017?

How does ISO 20000 relate to ITIL?

What is ISO 20000-1?

What is ISO 20000-2?

What is ISO 20000:2005?

How can we help your business?

Our process gets your business certified for success:


Our nationwide team of consultants and auditors has provided certifications to clients ranging from SMEs to blue chip organisations across a broad spectrum of verticals and industries.


Our processes add value at every stage, without taking up unwarranted management time. We commit to providing you with the best possible value for money – including a price promise from the outset, along with the ability to stagger payments at no extra cost.


We remove the red tape and paperwork for you, making the process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, and ensuring you get the framework that works for you.

How have businesses benefited from ISO certification?

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    From day 1 the service has been wonderful and importantly useful. The meetings with the representatives of QMS have really supported us with accepting and adapting to new ways of working and have put us at the forefront of growing our business through better internal processes.

    Hershika Kerai, Business Manager, Aumaxum Ltd

    The auditor was open and willing to help, understand our business and how we use the accreditation to support our company aims and objectives. He gave good solid information on the process and how we can develop the system as our business grows

    Paul Mitchell, UK Operations Manager, Thuasne UK Ltd

3 Steps to Certification

With our help, the certification process can take as little as 45 days to complete

Getting to grips with the gaps

We’ll spend some time with you carrying out a gap analysis to see how your current processes and procedures match up to the requirements of the ISO Standard. And we’ll collect details of the areas that already do so we can create your bespoke management system for you in our smart online hub, Atlas.

3 Step Certification

Getting up to Standard

Now it’s time to make any changes. With handy reminders to help you keep on track of tasks and editable templates at your fingertips, you can make sure all the records you need are in place to achieve certification.

3 Step Certification

Getting ISO certification

An ISO auditor will check you’ve addressed any gaps correctly and that you’re following the documented processes. Once everything is in place, you’ll be recommended for certification. Your new certificate and certification marks will be ready to download from Atlas.

3 Step Certification

Your all-in-one management system solution

Formerly known as QMS Connect, Atlas ISO delivers all the tools you need to achieve and maintain ISO compliance.

With simple navigation, real-time reporting and the ability to modify and update content on the go, Atlas keeps you in control. Accessible online via your computer, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, Atlas ISO helps you manage your ISO Management System in real-time.

Atlas helps engage your teams, so that you can capture data that will drive business decisions – increasing repeat business, reducing customer complaints and ultimately saving you both time and money.

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Latest ISO 20000 news

At Citation ISO Certification we are constantly updating our approach and process to meet the latest changes in how ISO 20000 works.

    ISO 20000-1:2018 Published

    ISO 20000-1, the Standard for IT Service Management, has been updated. The Standard has been revised with new features and updated guidance, allowing businesses to improve their IT service provision and ensure that their processes is in line with modern techniques and expectation



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