ISO 31000

Risk Management

Take control of risks and protect your reputation.

The ISO 31000 standard gives you a structured framework of international best practices for managing risks and opportunities. Following this framework will increase your chance of reaching your business objectives. It will help you analyse and assess factors that work for or against your objectives, make better decisions and improve management techniques across your organisation.

Why should I apply for ISO 31000 certification?

Achieving the ISO 31000 certification will send a clear message to your employees, customers, and other stakeholders that you are committed to managing risks in every part of your business. It will protect your business from internal and external threats while increasing public confidence in your management abilities. This will enhance your company’s reputation and give you a competitive advantage when bidding for commercial tenders.

Public, private and community enterprises can all benefit from ISO 31000 because it covers most business activities, including research, planning, management and communications. Although you probably manage risk to some extent, this international standard will provide you with best practice management techniques. It will enable you to analyse your risks and opportunities across all business functions, at all times, and at every level of management.

Here are some benefits of using the ISO 31000 framework: 

  1. Improve operational efficiency and governance
  2. Increase stakeholder confidence in your risk management techniques
  3. Strengthen operational controls, including mandatory and voluntary reporting
  4. Improve your business performance, crisis management and organisational resilience
  5. Respond to change effectively and protect your business as you grow

Certification for ISO 31000 is optional; you can, if you wish, opt for implementation only. Either way, our expert consultants will make the process as straightforward as possible for you. This includes helping your business make any necessary changes to its processes.

Our 3-stage certification process ensures you get the help you need at every step. We can even create your Risk Management Manual for you, saving you time and money.

Once you have achieved certification you will need to pass an audit each year. This is to ensure your business continues to benefit from the ISO 31000 risk management framework. Your first audit will be one year after you receive your certificate.

How businesses have benefitted from Standards

Client Testimonials of QMS and the ISO Certification Process

    Very good service, informative, helpful and client-orientated.
    Mariusz Matuszewski, Quality Controller. Weee Scotland Limited

    10th July

    General review

    QMS International Ltd provided a professional, thorough and resourceful service whilst undertaking our ISO Audit processes. [The Consultant] made the whole audit experience educational and gave a thorough appreciation of the requirements in meeting the latest, highest standards.
    Ben Ramsey, Contracts Director. QFS Scaffolding Ltd

    10th May

    General review

Maintaining your ISO Management System

QMS Connect delivers all the tools you need to achieve and maintain ISO compliance.

With simple navigation, real-time reporting and the ability to modify and update content on the go, QMS Connect keeps you in control. Accessible online via your computer, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, QMS Connect helps you manage your ISO Management System in real-time.

QMS Connect helps engage your teams, so that you can capture data that will drive business decisions – increasing repeat business, reducing customer complaints and ultimately saving you both time and money.

Find out more
A screenshot of the QMS Connect system on various platforms from desktop to mobile

Download these helpful documents:

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How much does an ISO 31000 cost?

The cost of certification depends on several factors. These include your business sector, your annual turnover, and the number of employees you have. <We will also need to know if you have any specific industry requirements.

However, we are committed to providing you with a cost-effective route to ISO 31000 implementation and certification. That’s why we focus on making certification straightforward. By spending less time creating complex document trails and more time building a risk management system that works for your business, we can save you money.

To find out how affordable ISO 31000 certification and implementation really is, just use our Fee Calculator and we’ll email you a bespoke quote immediately.

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How long will it take to get ISO 31000?

From your first consultation with our risk management experts through to certification, the process can take as little as 45 days. However, this does depend on the size and complexity of your business.

Remember, we can normally save you time and hard work by drafting your Risk Management Manual for you. This can also help you achieve certification faster than if you did it yourself.

Latest ISO 31000 news

At QMS we are constantly updating our approach and process to meet the latest changes in how ISO 31000 works.

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