Cyber Essentials

Confidently carry out business objectives, knowing that your business is protected against common cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme which provides organisations with the 5 key controls which will help to manage cyber threats and prevent cyber-attacks.

Why should I get Cyber Essentials?

As more media stories emerge of organisations exposing customers’ information to cyber threats, it is becoming increasingly important that you protect your organisation against cyber-attacks and demonstrate this to your customers.

Cyber Essentials is a government backed cyber security certification scheme which provides you with the 5 key controls needed to manage cyber threats and prevent around 80% of cyber-attacks from happening.

Here are some benefits of using the Cyber Essentials framework 

  1. Secure configuration – By configuring computer and network devices you can identify systems and databases that are no longer required, giving you the opportunity to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption, as well as related security vulnerabilities.
  2. Boundary firewalls and Internet gateways – by managing boundary firewalls you will have more control over server traffic, helping you to better understand and manage your bandwidth requirements, reducing the risk of attacks from external threats
  3. Access control and administrative privilege management – By improving the way you manage access controls and administrative privileges you will be able to reduce inside threats by reducing the number of opportunities where staff could install unwanted software on computers.
  4. Patch management – By keeping software and licences up to date you will help to keep your company more secure. Patches are issued to improve the performance of specific products, both for security reasons and performance, meaning that failing to install them could result in system crashes, threats and reduced performance.
  5. Malware protection – Malware protection provides security – protecting against viruses and other threats. By installing Malware protection on your devices you can help to reduce downtime and risks by protecting devices throughout the company

With QMS, you can implement these controls to protect your organisation against the vast majority of cyber attacks. By choosing our Cyber Essentials Assist service, you can benefit from the experience of our consultants, who will support you along the way. They’ll provide advice and guidance to help you increase your chances of passing the Cyber Essentials Online Assessment first time.

    A great consultant

    [The Consultant] was extremely personable, professional and very proactive with how she approached the session with us. She made the process highly approachable and has really helped us engage new colleagues that will help the business with the ongoing implementation. First class
    Michael Whelan, Managing Director. The Digital Garage Group Limited

    Originally posted on

    29th January

    General review

    Communication and Auditor

    The communication from QMS is always quick and helpful. Despite being really nervous about our first Annual External audit, the Auditor was great at putting my mind at ease and comments were insightful and of great use.
    Nichola James, Quality Manager. LaserMaster Limited

    Originally posted on

    21st May

    General review

    Thorough Audit!

    A very thorough Audit. Special thanks to [the Consultant] who was extremely helpful and definitely has his finger on the pulse. Absolutely delighted with my ISO Accreditation.
    Neville Dinshaw. Law Mergers & Acquisitions

    Originally posted on

    20th January

    General review

    ISO 14001 - Excellent

    [The Consultant] is absolutely fabulous. She put me at easy straight away and very knowledgeable it is a pleasure to have meet her and to work with her in the future. I would recommend [QMS] to everyone.
    Samantha Hague, Group Marketing Manager. UK Curtain Walling Ltd

    Originally posted on

    21st February

    General review

How to get Cyber Essentials

With QMS’ simple 3 step certification process you can achieve certification in under 45 days.

Cyber Essentials Assist: Pre-assessment consultancy

Upgrade to the Cyber Essentials Assist service and we will include a pre-assessment consultancy with one our experienced Cyber Essential Consultants to support you as you prepare for the Assessment. During the consultancy they will offer advice and guidance on the requirements of the scheme – helping you to increase your chances of passing the online assessment first time.

Cyber Essentials Certification Process:

Download these helpful documents:

    Guide to Information and Cyber Security

    A visual guide to the areas covered by each of the information security products

    Published 12/2018

    Information Security downloads

    Overview of the QMS Cyber Essentials Offering

    Overview of the different options available for QMS customers looking to implement the Cyber Essentials Scheme

    Published 02/2019

    Cyber Essentials downloads

    Scheme Overview: Cyber Essentials

    Understanding the Basics of Cyber Essentials

    Published 01/2019

    Cyber Essentials downloads

    What Information Security Products are Available?

    The QMS International suite of information security products

    Published 01/2019

    Information Security downloads

How much does it cost to get Cyber Essentials?

Our Cyber Essentials Certification fees will vary depending on the service you choose. With the basic Cyber Essentials Online Assessment you will be provided access to complete the online assessment and, providing you pass, achieve Certification. With Cyber Essentials Assist you will benefit from all of the same services, but with extra training and consultancy to help you understand the requirements of Cyber Essentials Scheme and increase your chances of passing the online assessment first time.

To find out how much Cyber Essentials Certification could cost your organisation, please contact our Information Security Advisors today or alternatively you can obtain an instant quote by completing the online fee calculator below.

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The Certification process can be completed in under 45 days.  Once certified, to maintain compliance and certification, you will need to complete the online assessment every 12 months. If you would like to achieve a high level of assurance we recommend you upgrade to the Cyber Essentials Plus Service which also includes an on-site assessment – providing verification of your cyber security processes.

Latest Cyber Essentials news

At QMS we are constantly updating our approach and process to meet the latest changes in how Cyber Essentials works.

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