Case study: Efinity Labs


Efinity Labs has been specialising in liquid blending, filling and packing since 2015, but the advent of the coronavirus pandemic opened up a new business opportunity for them and they quickly adapted their factory to produce high volumes of hand sanitiser and its packaging.

Shifting gears to meet the new demand and create a new product emphasised to the company the importance of process and employing best practice to meet high quality expectations. To encourage further growth, the company decided to achieve certification in ISO 9001, the international Standard for quality. Bryn Jones, Operations Director, explains:

Having dealt with the different aspects of changing into the sanitiser industry, we thought it was a good time to get ISO 9001 and turn this side of the business into something that could help us grow.

Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001

To satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001, the company began to document their processes more comprehensively, updating and developing a quality policy. Meetings were also minuted and online recordkeeping developed to help the businesses work through what they do and what needs improving.

Training was also given new focus thanks to the rapid switch to new products.

Entering new markets

Once certified, Efinity Labs began to look to other new markets, such as the cosmetics sector. This led to their turnover for 2020 being estimated to growing three or fourfold from their 2019 total.

It has also given them advantages in business pitches: “The cosmetics work was broached through an intermediary and one of the questions they asked was ‘are you ISO 9001 accredited?’. We were in the process of getting it, so they worked with us and waited until we had formal accreditation,” said Bryn Jones.

As a result, the company was able to invest in more machinery, allowing them to reduce manufacturing costs and meet greater demands from other markets.

The ISO is very much working in our favour at the moment,” reported Bryn Jones. “All the new markets we are looking at will ensure that we will be busy, and we expect that our turnover will be vastly different. The ISO is something we are truly proud of.

Take quality to the next level with ISO 9001

With a robust framework of processes to help you maintain consistent quality and customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 can also be the gateway to new business and new markets.

The Standard is internationally recognised as an indication that your business puts quality at the forefront of its operation. This could help you in the early stages of a tender or assist you in pre-qualifying for new business.

If you would like to find out more about ISO 9001, visit our dedicated web page.

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