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Cyber security is all about how organisations work to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. They’re becoming ever more common in the digital era we live in today, and the statistics speak for themselves. The retail industry is a target for cyber attackers, with 24% of them saying they specifically target the industry more than any other (Trustwave’s 2020 Global Security Report).

So, let’s go through some of the most common cyber threats in your industry and how ISO 27001 can help you keep your data secure.


What is cyber security in the retail industry?

Cyber security in retail industry businesses is huge. In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly more common for consumers to shop online. This has led to retailers like you creating websites, apps, and other ways for shoppers to connect with your business online. But why do cyber attackers target the retail industry? Well, because of the shift from in-store to the web, consumers provide their data to businesses like yours by creating accounts and buying products online. This is often what they’re after.

However, it’s down to you to keep their data safe and secure. This also means complying with The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to keep cardholder information protected (although not a legal requirement), abiding by the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and more.


What things should my business consider in relation to cyber security?

The following areas are just some of the things businesses like yours should consider when working towards cyber security:


Is your business following the regulations of the EU GDPR? You’re legally required to handle customer data right away, whether that’s how it’s collected or processed.

Cyber awareness training

Keeping your employees clued up on cyber security can be a big help in preventing attacks like phishing scams. Investing in training to build a knowledgeable team helps everyone involved. After all, they’re your first wall of defence.

ISO 27001

Gaining ISO 27001 certification is definitely something to consider. If you want to safeguard your business from cyber security threats in retail then this is a great way to go. It’ll help you to update your procedures so data is always secure, and keep your team aware of what it takes to keep data safe.


If you want to protect cardholder information, then the PCI DSS is the standard your business should work towards. It aims to reduce payment card fraud by increasing ISO 27001 security controls that surround cardholder data.


Examples of cyber security threats in retail

Phishing attacks

This is where scam emails that look like legitimate emails are sent to people. They tend to include links or attachments which if clicked on or downloaded, can result in the victim unintentionally installing malware. The malware downloaded is often harmful and can mean the attacker has access to a lot of information which is confidential.

Data breaches

In the retail industry, this usually relates to customer information such as card details. Attackers may sometimes use stolen credentials to pose as users in order to steal the data.


This can lead to significant financial losses if downloaded. Ransomware is usually used to exploit vulnerabilities in networks, where the attacker will install the damaging ransomware which can halt payments and processes until the business pays money to them to remove it.


How can ISO 27001 certification safeguard my retail business against cyber attacks?

ISO 27001 is a revolutionary tool that retailers can use to improve their cyber security. It has a number of fantastic benefits for businesses like yours, and we know that gaining ISO 27001 certification can only increase the trust customers currently have in your business. Here are some ways ISO 27001 can benefit your retail business:

  • Reduces risks of cyber attacks
  • Help to keep you compliant with the likes of the EU GDPR
  • Gives you the competitive edge
  • Boosts customer satisfaction


Get ISO 27001 certification with Citation ISO Certification

Now that you know all about cyber security threats in retail, maybe you’re interested in starting your journey towards ISO 27001 certification.

Citation ISO Certification can help your business do just that, with our tailored approach to ISO 27001 certification helping to transform your business. We can help your business get certified in as little as 45 days!

You’ll also get access to our simple-to-use online management platform, Atlas, where you can manage your ISMS in one place. You’ll gain instant access to a collection of templates and helpful documents, all at your fingertips.

We also now offer certification to ISO 27001:2022, which includes all the latest changes and reviews to the ISO 27001 Standard. Check out our blog post here for further information.

Did you know that you can also combine ISO 27001 with ISO 9001 for an integrated management system that focuses on efficiency, quality and security? Integrated management systems are perfect for helping you reach the requirements of two international Standards.

To request a quote today, please contact our friendly, professional team to discuss your options at 03301273706. Let Citation ISO Certification help your business get ISO 27001 certified, helping to improve your approach to information security!

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