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Get up to speed on all the latest industry news, from ISO revisions to the latest research, and discover the newest products from QMS. You can also brush up on your business and ISO management skills using our detailed guides, crafted using insider knowledge from our experts.

    Learning the risk: why risk assessments are key to your business

    Risk assessments are key to keeping your workforce safe. But the changes brought by COVID-19 revealed that not all businesses are necessarily being proactive when it comes to assessing risk.


    5 Common Project Management Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    What are the most common mistakes project managers make — and more importantly, how can you avoid them?


    How ISO Certification helps with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

    Find out which of the ISO Standards help to meet the United Nation's (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    How to identify risks and keep trading following a service disruption

    Find out what kind of risks can affect a business and what steps can you put in place to recover from these service disruptions - helping to maintain continuity in your service offering.


    ISO 31000 Update – how will Certified Businesses be Impacted?

    Earlier this year, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) updated the Standard for risk management – ISO 31000 – to make it easier and clearer to use. Find out how this change affects businesses currently using an ISO 31000:2009 Management System.


    Turning risk into opportunities

    Risk is often viewed in a negative light, turn it into a positive one through an effective risk management process.


    ISO 31000:2018 Published

    The latest version of the ISO 31000 Standard was officially published on February 15th. The 2018 version sees an update to the structure of the Standard as well as a clearer, more concise guide to managing risk within business.


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