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    ISO 22000 for event management companies

    Find out how ISO 22000 is an excellent way to manage the complex processes that event management companies are required to follow.

    Thu, June 20 2019

    ISO 22000 Update – how will Certified Businesses be Impacted?

    In June we saw the release of the latest version of the food safety management Standard, ISO 22000. Find out how this change affects businesses currently using an ISO 22000:2005 Management System.

    Mon, July 09 2018

    ISO 22000:2018 Published

    The latest version of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management has been published, coming with big changes to the way risk is considered and to the structure of the Standard itself.

    Tue, June 19 2018

    ISO 22000 is being revised - expected 2018

    The popular ISO certification covering Food Safety – ISO 22000 – is undergoing its scheduled review by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

    Tue, October 03 2017


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