ISO Certification for IT companies

How ISO certification can help your business

Cyber threats, climate change, technology expectations, disaster recovery – there is no shortage of challenges facing the information technology (IT) sector. To drive resilient growth in this competitive digital age achieving ISO Standards could be a game-changer and advance your business to the next level.

To sustain growth, technology companies need to focus their efforts on improving transparency, security, sustainability, and resilience. For IT businesses, ISOs provide assurance of safe processes, information security and credibility for customers.

With increasing regulations and compliance, many companies now prefer to do business with IT organisations that have ISO certification. In an increasingly competitive market, ISO certified management systems can help your business scale up and succeed.

At Citation ISO Certification, we offer a fast and cost-effective route to ISO certification that can see you certified in just 45 days. We can also advise you on the most appropriate and beneficial Standards for your business.

Which ISO Standards are best?

ISO 9001


In the highly competitive IT industry, businesses need to continually improve to stay relevant and gain an important edge, this is where ISO 9001 certification is key. Being internationally recognised for driving service quality and consistency this ISO ensures efficiency in your business while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Implementing a quality management system will make your business more efficient, increasing productivity and enhance your reputation.


ISO 27001

Information Security

This Standard is considered imperative in the IT industry. According to the latest data breach report by IBM, the average data breach cost increased by nearly 10% between 2020 and 2021. In a rapidly growing industry where security is one of the top challenges, demonstrating your commitment to data security can give you a competitive and financial advantage.

ISO 27001 certification will help implement a robust security system that offers 114 security controls for you to select from, all of which are designed to protect your valuable information assets. Often a requirement to be considered for contracts, ISO 27001 will instil confidence and trust in your customers and help to win new ones.


ISO 14001


Businesses are under increasing pressure to manage their environmental impact. In a report from KPMG climate change was named by tech company CEOs as the top risk to business growth. ISO 14001 certification demonstrates a strong sustainability strategy and sets you up for responsible growth.

Implementing this global Standard will help your business comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as build trust with customers. It will also help you reduce waste, cut costs, and improve your green credentials.


ISO 22301

Business Continuity

Downtime and loss of service can be costly. Implementing a business continuity management system will allow you to maintain service delivery levels, even when a disruption occurs. ISO 22301 certification will make sure you are prepared for any potential disasters or technical failures, reassuring clients of your ability to manage risks and recover quickly. With effective solutions to avoid delays in continuing business as usual, you can minimise loss and enhance your reputation.


ISO 45001

Occupational Health & Safety: Physical Risk

Taking action to keep your employees safe is not only in your business’ best interest but is also a legal requirement. Gaining ISO 45001 certification demonstrates your business operates a best practice occupational health and safety management system. Having procedures in place to manage and minimise risks reduces the likelihood of workplace accidents and breaches in legislation. A people-centred approach will build a positive work culture, increase resilience and reduce absenteeism.


ISO 20000-1

IT Service

If you want to provide the highest standards of internal or outsourced IT service management you need ISO 20000 certification. The IT service management Standard ensures processes are aligned with international best practices, enabling your IT business to fulfil service requirements, maintain security, and adopt new technologies as they emerge. ISO 20000 will improve credibility with your customers and help you access new markets.


What are the benefits of ISO certification?

ISO certification for your IT business could deliver many benefits including:

  • Increased business – win new contracts and retain existing business
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Reduced costs through increased efficiency
  • Reduced process errors and strengthened incident management
  • Improved response times and reduced interruptions to IT services
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Attracting high calibre employees and improved staff retention
  • Culture of information security
  • Reduced likelihood of a costly data breach
  • Increased confidence and trust
  • Demonstrates your commitment to international Standards of excellence

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