What is the role of a certification body?


The exact role of a certification body can sometimes be a bit difficult to unpick, but we’re here to demystify the situation and break down what an accredited body does. But first, we need to understand what the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is and its crucial role in this process.


Understanding ISO

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organisation with a membership of 170 national standards bodies and over 25,000 international standards.

These ISO Standards are internationally recognised Standards that play a vital role in upholding certain standards in world trade. As well as these, ISO also publishes technical reports, specifications, guides and more.


Benefits of getting ISO-certified

By becoming ISO-certified, you’ll welcome a collection of benefits into your organisation including:

Improved business efficiency

You can speed up your organisation’s processes and procedures by becoming ISO-certified. The journey to certification will improve areas of inefficiency and help your employees work better together! You’ll be guided on the path to certification so your current processes can be assessed and advice can be given.

Help your business become more sustainable

Standards such as ISO 14001 can improve your organisation’s environmental management and lower its impact on the environment. As well as these environmental successes, it will also prove to customers that you’re committed to reducing waste, improving energy usage and more, boosting your business’ reputation.

Develop a better workplace culture and understanding

With ISO-standardised processes in place, your entire workforce will know exactly what they need to do; improving their understanding of their role and ultimately building a happier workplace with clearly defined targets and goals.

Save money

Whether it’s improved efficiency, reduced waste or any of the other positive impacts ISO certification can have on your business, it all works towards an improved financial performance, increasing your organisation’s profits.

Reduce risks

As your organisation develops during the certification process, you’ll be better equipped to manage and mitigate risks with improved ISO policies and procedures that make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Boosted confidence from customers

Customers’ confidence increases when they have reassurance. You can provide this by becoming certified because it proves to them that you have met the Standard’s requirements and completed the process. It builds trust between you and your customers and reinforces your care for them.


What is a certification body?

A certification body is an independent third party that certifies businesses in line with a particular certification process. For example, an ISO certification body can help a business work towards an ISO Standard to make sure it meets requirements.

What do certification bodies do?

The main areas that a certification body will focus on are audits and certification. But how do they do it? Well here’s our 3-stage certification process:

Gap Analysis: As an ISO certification body, we’ll conduct a gap analysis to see how your current processes and procedures compare against the ISO requirements.

We’ll get you up to standard: With your gap analysis report, you can make the necessary changes to your processes and procedures — knocking those non-conformities out of the park and getting up to ISO Standard. Then our consultants will come back and take another look to make sure you meet the requirements.

Certification: When it’s time, an ISO auditor will visit and check that all gaps have been addressed and that the documented processes are being followed. Then you’ll be recommended for certification.


How you can achieve ISO certification

Looking for an ISO certification body? Here are a few things to consider when you’re wondering how to gain certification.

Choose the Standard for your business

Which standard will be the best fit for your organisation? That’s the first question you’ll need to answer. This will depend on your business aims and targets, as the four key standards focus on different areas of your business. Here’s how ISO define the following standards:

  • ISO 9001: ISO 9001 is a globally recognised standard for quality management. It helps organisations of all sizes and sectors to improve their performance, meet customer expectations and demonstrate their commitment to quality. Its requirements define how to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a quality management system (QMS).
  • ISO 14001: ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems (EMS). It provides a framework for organisations to design and implement an EMS, and continually improve their environmental performance.
  • ISO 45001: ISO 45001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management system. It provides a framework for organisations to manage risks and improve OH&S performance.
  • ISO 27001: ISO 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). The standard provides companies of any size and from all sectors of activity with guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system.

Choose your certification body

The next step would be to select the ISO certification body that you’d like to progress with. This is the body that’ll stand by your side throughout the certification process and support you on your path to success! At Citation ISO Certification, we are ASCB accredited and can help you achieve certification for many ISO Standards. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for an ISO certification body:

  • Are they accredited?
  • Do they have happy clients?
  • What resources are available?

Get approval from stakeholders

Finally, get everyone on board and make sure they’re all on the same page. This includes any stakeholders. Then you’ll have the approval you need to make a positive step forward in your organisation.


Partner with us for your ISO journey!

Ready to start your ISO journey? We’ll be with you every step of the way. Our expert ISO consultants will be there to support you right from the get-go! Looking to combine ISO Standards? No problem. Take a look at our integrated management systems and how they could benefit your business.

With our integrated management systems, you can manage multiple ISOs from one accessible place, Atlas, with all the tools you need to ensure ISO compliance for greater efficiency, coordination and consistency.

Take your business to new heights by achieving certification with Citation ISO Certification! Our team is here to help guide you through the certification process seamlessly, so that your business can meet internationally recognised standards.

Request a quote today, or call 0330 127 5121 for more information about our ISO services.

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