5 benefits of business continuity management systems


So, let’s paint a scenario, however far-fetched it may seem…your business is continuing to grow, going from strength to strength. But suddenly, catastrophe strikes and the future of your business is in jeopardy. However much you might like to dismiss the possibility of a crisis or adverse weather impacting your business as unlikely, business continuity management systems can be your saving grace should the worst happen.

The continuity of your business is integral to your future success. Particularly if your business is an SME, having a business continuity plan in place is a valuable resource to call upon. It can reduce the likelihood of threats and make sure the response from your business is the right one.

Having the appropriate business continuity management plans in place offers a foundational basis for your business. Whether protecting your information security with ISO 27001, or strengthening the core resilience of your business with ISO 22301, certification to ISO Standards can help develop business continuity plans to suit the needs of your business. We’ve shared five benefits that business continuity management systems provide. So, let’s explore this in lots more detail!

Dealing with business continuity risk

Managing business continuity effectively means dealing with risk. Your business continuity management system (BCMS) is designed to identify and reduce the impact of disruptive incidents that may occur. Generally, a BCMS is a combination of methods, procedures and processes that protect the continuation of critical processes for your business. You can also integrate or combine your BCMS with existing management systems.

Business continuity risks take many forms and can include anything from substantial electrical outages that cut off power to weather events such as flash floods. Other business continuity risks include:

  • Pandemics and epidemics that pose threats to health
  • Security incidents
  • Cyber attacks and data breaches
  • Fire damage
  • Environmental damage

Benefits of business continuity management systems

Think about business continuity management systems as the glue for managing risk. But, aside from reducing risk, there are several other benefits a well-structured BCMS can provide. Certifying to ISO 22301 can give your BCMS added substance that reaps the following rewards: 

1) Helps your business stay compliant with regulatory requirements

ISO 22301 is the Standard for business continuity management that helps your business stay compliant with legal and regulatory certifications. In essence, the ISO 22301 Standard can show that your business has made the necessary efforts to meet legal requirements that demand an efficient business continuity management programme. This means you can prevent any potential fines, avoid sticky legal issues, and preserve your reputation by remaining compliant. 

2) Strengthens the resilience of your business

A resilient business enhances the scope with which you can react to different events occurring. At any given moment, an unexpected event may occur and its far-reaching impact and scale will vary. Contingency planning based on the scale of an event and proposed impact gives you an extra layer of protection to help keep things ticking over. A business continuity management system solidifies your organisation, helping you to withstand any adverse impact and help your business come out the other side in a better place. 

3) Reduces risk to minimise adverse impact

Reducing risk is something every business should take into consideration. With an ISO 22301 business continuity management system, you’ll have the blueprint to identify and assess potential risks to your business operations. You’ll be able to navigate any choppy waters safely with the impact on your business minimised. 

4) Be on standby to tackle any emergencies adequately

Depending on the type of event that has taken place, there can be a large amount of loss, waste and reduction of your business’ resources. A BCMS can make or break the impact of said event. In the immediate aftermath of an event, identifying and analysing promptly and proactively is key. Are your core products and/or services affected? Is there an appropriate level of contingency planning to effectively tackle the potential issues of service disruption? 

5) Proper planning means a boost for your brand

Across any sector, the business brand is central to the success and reputation of the brand. Protecting your brand by adopting PR or communication strategies, particularly in times of crisis, is something every business may have to consider at some stage. That’s where your ISO 22301 business continuity management system is on hand once more to steer you away from a costly PR crisis. 

The objective for individuals in charge of crisis management is to prevent or at the very least, limit harm to the organisation’s profitability, reputation, and operational capability. Meeting the ISO 22301 Standard verifies that the necessary precautions are taken to make this happen. Business continuity is all about bridging the gaps seamlessly, creating increased confidence and trust in your brand.


Business continuity management systems that protect your business

Business continuity management systems come in many ways, and they can be adapted to meet the needs of any business. Already certified for ISO 27001? Then, with our help, you can expand your horizons and benefit from an integrated management system into one singular neat and tidy platform.

You can certify to ISO 22301 today and start to reap the following benefits:

  • Agile crisis management strategies as and when you need to deploy them
  • An effective BCMS that involves managerial intervention where required
  • Demonstrate your accountability levels to stakeholders
  • Save costs on both internal and external audits of your BCMS
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement across the business

We’re here to safeguard your business by ensuring data security and protect your business from risk by helping you adopt an ISMS that treats risk accordingly.

So, why not request a quote to start your journey to certification? Get in touch today with our ISO 22301 experts at 0333 344 3646 or email [email protected].

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