A Guide to ISO 27001


ISO 27001 offers your business better protection for information security. The framework of ISO 27001 helps you develop an information security management system (ISMS) that safeguards your business, reducing the risk of cyber threats and helping you to meet compliance requirements. 

As digital threats evolve, protecting your business or institution from malicious attacks is a must! No matter your industry, ISO 27001 offers tangible benefits that serve to preserve sensitive data and information. Our ISO 27001 guide is here to cover all the things you need to know, leaving no stone unturned! So, take a read-through and find out just why ISO 27001 is crucial for safeguarding your business.

Protecting your business with ISO 27001

A common misconception of ISO 27001 is that the framework is used as guidance for online security measures. Well, that part is true, but its remit extends far beyond IT. Cyber attacks, hacks, theft, data, physical security, legal protection, safety of people and technical assets too – they’re all areas covered in the criteria of ISO 27001. 

The ISO 27001 Standard was rejigged in 2022, with the latest update to the structure of Annex A and the merging of some controls that outline how your business will be protected. ISO 27001:2022 is the latest version, with the scope of the ISO 27001 Standard containing 93 controls under four different themes. The updates to the Standard merged some of the pre-existing sets, detailing everything your business needs to action in order to stay protected. 

Discover more about how ISO 27001 protects your business in our blog post.

ISO 27001 non-conformities

Without a stringent set of policies in place, businesses are susceptible to the many information security risks posed by cybercriminals. These are also known as ‘non-conformities’. An instance of non-conformance can occur when a business fails to adopt appropriate measures that can lead to personal data, information or safety being compromised. Common information security failings include: 

  • Proper staff training
  • Safe and secure recruitment
  • Destroying data and information correctly 
  • A lack of information security management system policies

Our dedicated blog post details the most common ISO 27001 non-conformances, so you can get ahead and find out what to avoid and how.

How ISO 27001 benefits education

Schools, universities and colleges need to protect personal data and information. As newer technologies like AI have emerged and evolved rapidly, the need for rigorous infrastructure to negate any cyber threats is clear. As it does for any business, ISO 27001 can help offer protection to reduce the risk of any adverse impact of cyber attacks on your educational institution. 

Protecting physical premises is as integral as your online reputation, so having all this taken care of under one framework solidifies what action you need to take. It also gives peace of mind to those attending, and parents of children that your institution prioritises both online and physical security. Explore more about ISO 27001 for education in our blog post.

ISO 27001 and GDPR – are they the same?

Often, ISO 27001 and GDPR are bandied together as the same thing. Well, it’s not entirely true! The main difference is the categorisation of GDPR as a legally binding set of laws and regulations, whereas ISO 27001 is the framework that strengthens overall compliance for your business. GDPR is a newer piece of legislation, so the framework surrounding ISO 27001 wasn’t formed with these new regulations in mind. However, there are benefits ISO 27001 certification offers to meet GDPR compliance, such as how data is protected, used and recorded. 

We explore this topic in much more detail in our dedicated Does ISO 27001 cover GDPR blog post.

Cyber Essentials explained

Much like ISO 27001 and GDPR, there are similarities between the framework of ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. Offering government-backed certification, Cyber Essentials gives you the option of self-assessing your organisation against five key controls: 

  • Secure configuration of web servers
  • Protecting your internet connection from unauthorised access
  • Controlling access to the right people 
  • Substantial malware protection 
  • Maintenance of software and system updates 

So, where does ISO 27001 fit into the equation? Well, you may have spotted a consistent theme throughout the Cyber Essentials controls in that they’re all IT-focused. ISO 27001 offers a more rounded approach to information security, with an expansive framework that helps organisations from all sectors meet compliance and strengthen information security. 

Delve deeper into the nuts and bolts of both in our handy blog post – The difference between ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Processes, procedures and policies for ISO 27001

Any system needs clear processes in place to work effectively. Without them, businesses would struggle to stay protected and subsequently fail to grow. Important for ISO 27001 compliance are information security policies. These are the core foundations of your framework, and they help to inform the processes and procedures that are developed. Your policies should cover areas including control policy, employee responsibilities, the activities covered in your policies and the responsibilities concerning data. 

To help you understand this in finer detail, we’ve written a detailed blog post on the ISO 27001 processes, policies and procedures.

Gain ISO 27001 certification today

If you’re looking at gaining ISO 27001 certification, then we’re on hand to help your business. With expert, professional guidance from our ISO 27001 auditors and consultants, we’ll work alongside you to offer all the support and knowledge required to gain certification and raise your information security standards. 

You’ll also gain instant access to our bespoke online management platform, Atlas ISO, so you can view all your important documents relating to your ISO 27001 certification. 

We offer a simple, cost-effective solution, and as one of the UK’s leading ISO certification bodies, we’re experienced in helping businesses improve quality and achieve consistency across your processes. 

So, if all this sounds beneficial for your business, then why not request a quote today, or contact our friendly, professional team directly at 0333 344 3646? Partner with Citation ISO Certification and get your business ISO certified!

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