Building trust with ISO 45001


CASE STUDY – How ClearView established a culture of safety


Known for providing leading, innovative integrated security solutions to the UK and Europe, operating to a high level is key to ClearView Communication’s business strategy. Equally important is a client/business relationship built on trust. Together, these factors were the driving forces behind the choice to implement ISO 45001, the Standard for Occupational Health & Safety.

Because of the work we do, working for councils, the police and dealing with building and construction, ISO 45001 helps to build trust between us and our customers”,  said Abi Wilson, HSQE Manager.  “It gives them reassurance that they’re dealing with a company that manages health and safety right.

Business benefits of ISO 45001

Working alongside a QMS consultant, ClearView adapted the Standard’s framework to fit it to their business. One of the key areas of focus was the process governing non-conformities. ClearView took their existing complaints process and overhauled it to place more emphasis on continual improvement. Non-conformities are now sent to the manager who investigates the root cause, which is then resolved with corrective action that may include changes to existing policies or processes.

Another key change involved objective setting. New health and safety objectives were established, which included training such as SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme), as well as objectives for reducing the number of incidents. This has enabled ClearView to easily identify risks and maintain compliance with legislation.

To tackle non-conformities and continually improve the business’ processes, health and safety meetings are now attended by representatives from each department, giving them an opportunity to contribute and critique current practices. This allows the business to find the best solutions, drawing on the expertise and perspectives of a range of employees to develop a culture of safety within the business.

ISO 45001 sets the standard,” said Abi Wilson. “It helps our employees, who know that they are being looked after and that they can express their opinions and put forward suggestions without having to worry about it.

Creating trust with your customers with ISO 45001

To demonstrate to your customers that you put health and safety first and have a culture of safety within your workplace, you can work with us to implement a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety management system.

ClearView found that our customer service was particularly helpful during their journey to ISO certification:

QMS International’s customer service was the best I’ve dealt with. The live chat was immediate, and the consultant was really good. Whenever they come in, they are always responsive, said Abi Wilson

ISO 45001 introduces processes that enable you to identify risks and remove or mitigate them, as well as increase awareness and reduce absenteeism. Its processes also ensure that you stay up to date with the latest regulations and legislation, reducing the risk of breaches and subsequent penalties.

To find out more about ISO 45001 and discover how it can create more trust between you, your employees and your customers, call us today on 0333 344 3646 or email [email protected].

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