How environmental factors affect businesses


There are lots of environmental factors affecting business operations, whether that’s down to you, or something you can’t do anything about. The effort businesses are putting in to reduce their carbon footprint is growing, and Standards like ISO 14001 are helping to drive this. Environmental factors don’t just impact the planet, they can impact your business directly, and there are many things you can do to work towards limiting the negative impacts.

So, how do environmental factors affect business? Let’s dive in!


What are environmental factors in business?

There are two types of environmental factors affecting business:

External environmental factors

These external environmental factors are the ones you can’t do much about, unfortunately. But they’re important to keep track of, so you can make changes in your business to limit the effects. This could include things like natural changes to the world and weather conditions. It’s also important to look out for new legislation that has been passed because it could mean that your business needs to review its operations.

Internal environmental factors 

These are the elements that you can change. They are all related to your business directly and how it runs. Managing your internal environmental factors effectively can result in huge benefits for your business. Which is why so many businesses choose to go down the path to ISO 14001 certification.


Environmental factors – How can they impact your business?

How do environmental factors affect business? Well, they can impact many different areas of the business. Here are some examples of environmental factors in business that you can control:

Waste management

If your business is creating unnecessary waste which has the potential to be reduced, you could be missing out on huge savings. The less waste, the lower the cost. What’s even better is renewable energy!

Use of resources

How is your business’ resource management? The way machinery and other equipment are used in businesses can contribute massively to your carbon footprint and energy efficiency. Are there ways to potentially reduce this? Start your ISO 14001 journey and find out.


Why do businesses choose ISO 14001?

It’s no surprise that so many businesses choose ISO 14001 to help boost their environmental management. Here’s how it can help take your business to the next level:

  • Gives you a competitive advantage – Bidding for a tender? ISO 14001 certification could be the reason clients choose your business instead of another.
  • Reduces waste – ISO 14001 pinpoints potential savings in many areas, such as resource, waste, and energy management.
  • Cuts costs – Your business can run more efficiently than ever! With cost-saving processes in place, you’ll see a great return on investment.
  • Keeps you compliant – ISO 14001 helps make sure you’re following legal environmental regulations, so you avoid those hefty fines.


Cut costs and win more tenders with ISO 14001 certification

Now that you know all about the environmental factors in business, maybe you’re interested in starting your journey towards ISO 14001 certification.

Citation ISO Certification can help your business do just that, with our tailored approach to ISO 14001 certification, helping to transform your business. We can help your business get certified in as little as 45 days!

You’ll also get access to our simple-to-use online management platform, Atlas, where you can manage your EMS in one place. You’ll gain instant access to a collection of templates and helpful documents, all at your fingertips.

Did you know you can also combine ISO 14001 with ISO 9001 for an integrated management system that supercharges your team’s efficiency? Integrated management systems are perfect for helping you reach the requirements of two international standards. What is an integrated management system? Read our blog to learn more!

To request a quote today, please contact our friendly, professional team to discuss your options at 0333 344 3646. Let Citation ISO Certification help your business get ISO 14001 certified, helping to improve your approach to environmental management!

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