How to make your business more energy efficient


With rising energy costs a challenge for every business you’ll want to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible and reducing your energy waste. Improving how you manage your energy can make a real difference to your business and the environment. So, it’s time for some positive energy, you’ve got the power to make changes to increase your energy efficiency, reduce your environmental impact, increase savings and boost your brand reputation.


Where should you start?

The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. And it all starts with an energy review. This will help you understand what energy you’re using; how significant the usage is and look at the different factors that may affect your energy usage. This will involve looking at your input, your energy types and then looking at your output.

You’ll be able to identify anything that has high-power consumption, these would be considered as a Significant Energy Use (SEU). It’s super important to measure energy consumption over a 12-month period as seasonal factors can have a big impact on your energy usage.


Time to set targets

Then with the insight from your energy review, you can establish your baseline. This helps you to compare energy performance before and after you start making changes and can measure improvements. With your baseline set up, you’re ready to set targets and plan how you can achieve them.


How can ISO 50001 help?

Putting an energy management system in place is the best way to get started on your energy-saving journey. This is where ISO 50001 comes in. ISO 50001 is the international Standard for energy management systems (EnMS). It’s used by large and small organisations all over the world to improve energy efficiency.


What are the benefits of ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 can help your business in many ways but here’s some of the big benefits of achieving ISO 50001 certification.

Reduce your energy use

ISO 50001 will help you highlight areas of your business using the most power, so you can see where needs improving. This will then help you put controls in place so your business can reduce its energy usage, giving you an efficiency boost!

Be more resilient against energy costs

The Standard provides a practical way to improve your energy performance, reduce energy use and cut costs. Not only that, but you’ll be able to use these processes to spot energy-saving practices in the future, saving you money in the long run.

Boost your green credentials

ISO 50001 certification shows your business’ commitment to using less energy and reducing its environmental impact. This helps enhance your brand image with customers, employees and other stakeholders.


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