Why should you buy ISO 14001?


Is your business spending way too much on waste management costs? Or, perhaps you want your business to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and protect the environment. Well, by implementing ISO 14001, you’ll be able to develop an environmental management system (EMS) to do just that!

But, why should you invest in ISO 14001 and how important is it for your business? Well, this is what we’re here to shed more light on! So, take a little read and discover how your organisation can stay compliant, win new business and reduce its environmental impact.


Why implement ISO 14001? The perks for your business

Sustainability must be at the forefront of your business’ priorities, and there are many good reasons why! But, ISO 14001 isn’t just about demonstrating how many trees you can save, it’s much more than that! It helps you to create a rounded set of processes that tackle the following:

  • The environmental impact of your business
  • Roles and responsibilities assigned that oversee the management of the Standard
  • Environmental management within your strategic processes
  • Proactive company-wide initiatives that increase environmental performance
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

ISO 14001 certification can elevate your organisation’s reputation. In today’s environmentally-conscious world, we understand the growing pressure for business owners to go green. Implementing ISO 14001 helps you achieve this, and it unlocks many doors for you in the long run, such as:

  • Boost your reputation with customers and stakeholders
  • An efficient business equals reduced costs
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • Increase in sales

Implementing ISO 14001 isn’t just an investment in the planet, it’s an investment in your business that brings lots of certification benefits! Read more about the benefits of ISO 14001 here.


Why is ISO 14001 important?

ISO 14001 is suitable for your business, no matter the size or sector. As there are so many different environmental factors that affect businesses of all types, having an environmental management system in place allows for continuous improvement across key areas like:

  • Efficiency in your use of resources
  • Adopting sustainable business practices
  • Water and sewage issues
  • Managing waste effectively
  • Carbon footprint mitigation
  • Air pollution

Perhaps your company doesn’t need to cover every aspect, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. You can develop your EMS framework to suit your requirements, and that’s the beauty of ISO 14001 – it’s flexible to benefit you!

What can happen if I don’t implement ISO 14001?

Without addressing your environmental impact, your business may lag behind competitors who are. You’ll risk losing customers to organisations that have an environmental management system, and that puts you at a disadvantage. By gaining ISO 14001 certification, you’re making it clear to customers, regulators and potential clients that sustainability and efficiency are your business priorities.

Discover more about the ISO 14001 Standard by visiting our dedicated page here.


Implement ISO 14001 with our help along the way

As business practices evolve and organisations make wholesale changes to their business practices, now is the time to join the evolution and become certified with ISO 14001. 

Demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability, and start reaping the rewards for your business today.

So, get started on your ISO 14001 journey today by calling us on 0333 344 3646 or by emailing [email protected].

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