Understanding Management Reviews

What is a Management Review?

A Management Review is a formal, structured meeting which involves top management and takes place at regular intervals throughout the year. The purpose of the meeting is to review and evaluate the effectiveness of your Management System and ensure that all levels of management, affecting the management system, are made aware of changes, updates, revisions, etc.

It is important to be aware of the difference between Management Meetings and Management Reviews.   The former may address the day-to-day working practices, sales, production, resources and staffing matters, but the Management Review focuses solely on the requirements of the Management System, as described within your Manual.

About the Management Review:

It is management’s responsibility to designate those members of senior management who must attend and actively take part in Management Review.

If your organisation operates more than one Management System or has a Management System that is certified to more than one standard, joint Management Reviews may be conducted to save time and avoid unnecessary duplication.

The internal and external audits are designed to check compliance against the Management System, as detailed within your Manual.  Although the Management Review does consider the reports generated from such activities, it generally takes a broader view of all aspects of the system, including the actual impact of the Standard on the organisation’s policies.

The Review can be used to draft changes to the Management System and Manual in order to more accurately portray the organisation’s day-to-day processes and procedures, and should consider the degree by which the Management System:

  • Achieves the expected results
  • Meets the organisation’s requirements
  • Functions in accordance with the established operating procedures and processes
  • Is capable of identifying non-conformities and monitoring subsequent corrective and preventive actions

The  member  of  senior  management  that has  overall  responsibility  in  this  regard  is responsible for convening, attending and reporting on Management Reviews. The Minutes, or selected parts thereof, must be distributed to all appropriate members of staff and must be made available to third party auditors.

Further Information

If you require any further information regarding your Management Review, this video tutorial will guide you through the process.

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