ISO 20252:2019 Published


The 2019 version of ISO 20252 – the Standard for Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics – has been released at the end of last month (February 27th). This third revision to the Standard has seen it updated to cover changes to both new and modified research practices, ensuring that the advice and guidance is the most relevant and up-to-date that it can be.

ISO 20252 now completely covers the advice and guidance in ISO 26362:2009 (which has been retired as a result). This means that the guidance within ISO 20252 has been expanded to cover the use of both online and offline access panels for performing market research. The guidance covers all aspects of access panel usage, from recruitment to identity validation, size of the panel to the profile of those being interviewed. Originally designed to be used in conjunction with ISO 20252, it is a natural progression for the two Standards be rolled into one.

The ISO 20252 Standard helps businesses to effectively plan, carry out, supervise and report on market research projects. From initial contact with a client, through to the presentation of results, ISO 20252 helps businesses to provide a consistent and transparent service to their customers. It also reduces risk by helping to ensure accurate and research results based on sound industry-recognised research principles.

ISO 20252 is a must-have for the market research industry. Users the world over – companies, governments, research institutes, consumer associations, universities, and marketing and advertising agencies – will benefit by having global compatibility, traceability and continual improvement. In addition, it will enable clients to obtain globally compatible, comparable and homogeneous feedback and make better-informed choices of service providers.

Don Ambrose, Chair of the ISO technical committee that updated the standard


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