Does Brexit affect CE marking / BS EN 1090 and manufacturers


With the UK’s exit from the EU drawing ever closer, how will companies using the current BS EN 1090 Standard and CE marking be affected?

EU legislation will continue to affect companies who manufacture and sell steel and aluminium structures and structural products within the EU or wish to export into the EU.

For businesses who also or only sell to UK markets new rules apply in that they must have UK conformity marking, rather than the EU’s CE marking.

No changes will occur for CE marking that is based on self-declaration of conformity, including when exporting to the EU (providing these products meet all other EU requirements).

How should businesses prepare?

Businesses preparing for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, that are following the BS EN 1090 Standard, should consider the following:

Selling products on the UK market

  • For a limited time, products that meet EU requirements can continue to be placed on the UK market without any need for reassessment or re-marking.
  • New products can be placed on the UK market so long as they meet UK requirements, bear a UK conformity marking and have been assessed by a UK-recognised conformity assessment body.
  • Products that already use CE marking (i.e. they have already undergone the complete process of manufacturing and conformity assessment) can still be placed on the UK market.
  • UK-based notified bodies will become UK approved bodies and will be listed on a new UK database.

Selling products on the EU internal market

  • Products which were assessed by a UK-based notified body will need to be reassessed by, or have their files transferred to, an EU-recognised conformity assessment body (listed on the NANDO database)
  • Where reassessment or document transfer is not possible, products would need to be re-marked with the new EU-recognised notified body’s details
  • Where manufacturers use the CE marking based on self-declaration this can still be used when exporting goods to the EU

More information on the Government’s plans for CE marking changes, can be found in their “Trading goods regulated under the ‘New Approach’ if there’s no Brexit deal” guide.

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Originally published on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 by Michelle W.

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