ISO 50001 Energy Management is under revision


As part of its efforts to keep Standards up-to-date and relevant for all types of business, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has turned its attention to ISO 50001, the Energy Management Standard, which was last reviewed in 2011.

The process started in June 2016 when the technical committee for energy management and energy savings were asked to review the Standard by ISO. The committee has since submitted the latest draft for the Standard – though it is still in the Enquiry stage and is not due for release yet.

Proposal Stage – Jan 2016

Committee Stage – Feb 2016

Enquiry Stage (DIS) – Jun 2016

Second Enquiry Stage (DIS) – Nov 2017

Approval Stage (FDIS) – #N/A

Expected Publication – Nov 2018


One of the main changes planned for the Standard is to integrate the well-established Annex SL structure used in modern ISO Standards – first introduced and predominately recognised for its use in the 2015 version of ISO 9001. This structure will not only make the Standard easier to implement for a business but also easier to integrate with other similarly structured Standards allowing for easier management of integrated Management Systems.

Another focus of the update is on small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) – reinforcing the idea that ISO Standards are not just for multinational companies. It is hoped the revision will set clearer guidelines around responsibilities in respect of energy management and clearer baselines for energy saving within their business.

As the social responsibility of brands becomes a bigger focus for consumers, businesses should be actively seeking initiatives that make it clear how they both consider and reduce their impact on areas such as climate change. A business that is ISO 50001 Certified will have global recognition for being socially responsible for energy and subsequently the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The final version of the ISO 50001 Standard must be approved before it can be published and the date of publication is expected to be in November/December of 2018.

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