The new ISO 20252:2019 for market research you can trust


Since 2012 there have been a whole host of changes to how we protect information, how we share it and what we can use it for. New technologies and methodologies have also transformed the marketer’s art.

Bearing this in mind, a review of ISO 20252, the Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research, was definitely due, and in February 2019 the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) released the latest iteration.

The 2019 version is notably different from its predecessor thanks to its incorporation of new practices, particularly ethical ones. It also boasts an expanded scope that now covers even more areas of market research, including data analytics and insight.

As a result, it has taken on the mandatory requirements of ISO 19731 (Research Data Analytics) and ISO 26362 (Access Panels in Market, Opinion and Social Research), the latter of which has now been withdrawn.

Clearly, ISO 20252 is more comprehensive than ever before – but how exactly can the latest version benefit your market research business?

What are the benefits of ISO 20252:2019?

Incorporating all the latest changes in data practices and expanding the scope of this Standard mean that your business can demonstrate that you take security seriously while delivering consistent, high-quality research.

Here’s a summary of the benefits in more detail:

Stay secure

Upgrading to ISO 20252:2019 means that you can demonstrate to your clients that you have the necessary processes in place to protect personal information, from collection to analysis and reporting. You can also show that your company is capable of monitoring the use of this data, which can help to build your reputation as a reliable market researcher.

The latest version of the Standard has also ensured that it takes the most up-to-date legislation and regulations into account, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act). This means you can be sure that your company is meeting all of its legal obligations and has a reduced likelihood of fines or prosecution as a result.

Efficient and consistent

By upgrading and fine-tuning your Market, Opinion and Social Research management system, you can show existing and potential clients that your business has processes in place for high-quality and efficient research. This can lead to higher levels of client satisfaction and give you a stronger competitive edge.

Technique and technology

By updating the requirements and the terminology in this latest version, the Standard ensures that businesses implementing this management system have the processes and scope they need to employ the latest research methodologies and technology.

Clear and concise

The latest version of the Standard has worked hard to remove duplication for more concise requirements.

By incorporating the mandatory requirements of ISO 19731 and ISO 26362, the Standard is also far more comprehensive, which means you can implement just one Standard and enjoy the benefits of an expansive scope for greater clarity and reduced repetition.

To make things even clearer, the ISO has significantly restructured the Standard into four sections with additional annexes. This has also made it more concise and businesses need only implement the annexes (research methodologies) that are applicable to them as a business.

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