Want to protect your business and the planet?


As part of our commitment to protect the environment, we’ve made a promise to plant a tree for every new ISO 14001 certificate we certify in 2022. Plus, if we reach 1,500 trees, we’re going to double this number to 3,000. That’s something to root for!

Why trees?

We need them! Did you know that one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people? (Arbor Day Foundation). Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it, this is known as carbon sequestration. They clean the air and combat the impact of climate change. With businesses being urged to reduce their carbon footprint and help tackle the urgent fight against climate change, now is a great time to take action.   

How does it work?

Choose to partner with QMS for your ISO 14001 certification and in recognition, we will plant a tree on your behalf. It’s that simple. With hundreds of businesses approaching QMS for this popular ISO certification each year, we aim to make a significant impact by the end of 2022.

So far we’ve planted over 700 trees, with your help we can grow this number and contribute to a greener future for us all. If we reach our goal of 3000 trees this will sequester an estimated 900 tonne(s) in the future. That’s the equivalent to 2,198,700 miles in a standard car.

Where and how is your tree planted?

We’ve partnered up with moretrees.eco  to help us reach our green goal. More:trees work with tree planting partners across the world in local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. Through more:trees we can plant your tree where it’s needed most such as an area with high deforestation.

Planting trees help sequester harmful emissions while providing other benefits such as biodiversity, shelter, food sources and water filtration. Your tree will help to restore our woodlands and protect the wildlife they are home to. It’s a small but mighty way to make a difference.

As well as helping to save the planet there are many practical reasons why choosing ISO 14001 is good business. 

Why choose ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system Standard that is respected worldwide for its ability to help businesses identify and control their environmental impact while continually improving their environmental performance. This makes day to day operations more sustainable and leads to cost savings among other benefits.  

How can ISO 14001 help your business?

  • Identify cost savings – by reducing wasted resources such as energy and water
  • Compliance with legislation – with the right processes in place you can be confident your organisation complies with environmental legislation, reducing the risk of fines or legal costs
  • Enhance your image – boost your green credentials and increase your reputation as a responsible business with an environmental certificate that is recognised worldwide.
  • Boost employee satisfaction –more people are choosing to work for cleaner and greener companies. You can find out more about this in our article Is your business losing recruits due to bad ESG credentials?
  • Grow your business – ISO 14001 is increasingly seen as a tender prerequisite and consequently helps to set your business apart from competitors, winning you more customers.

Find out more about ISO 14001 on our dedicated product page.


You can learn more about our plant a tree scheme and track our progress by visiting:  https://moretrees.eco/forest/QMSInternational/

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