World Mental Health Day 2022


Monday 10 October is World Mental Health Day and we’re looking at what you can do to support your team. Why not use this World Mental Health Day as a chance to talk about mental health in your workplace and see what you can do to help your people?

One in six workers experience a mental health problem. Yet stigmas and lack of support continue to be a barrier for people getting the help they need. The Thriving at Work report found that up to 300,000 people with mental health problems lose their jobs each year. So, it’s clear more needs to be done to bring mental health to the top of the agenda and we can all play our part.

This Mental Health Day is the perfect opportunity to do something within your power for your people. We all know that a healthy and happy workforce is more motivated, productive, and loyal but many employers remain unsure as to how to provide the right support.

This year, the World Federation for Mental Health has set the theme as ‘making mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. They’re calling on employers to set aside 60 minutes for a ‘Power Hour’ activity in the workplace. This could be as simple as lunch with the team, an hour of reflection, a team-building exercise, or an early finish to the working day.

This is a great start in raising mental health awareness in your workplace. But if you’re thinking you really want to commit to making your workplace happier and healthier, ISO 45003 is here to help.

ISO 45003 is the world’s first International Standard to address psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace. A best practice framework developed by experts around the world. With ISO 45003 you can show your priority to the mental health of your employees, protect your people, cut absenteeism, boost productivity, and enhance the reputation of your company.

Ready to lead the way in employee wellbeing and power the future of your business? 

We’ve put together this free guide so you can start enhancing your employee mental health strategy and discover all you need to know about ISO 45003. Download your free copy now.

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