QMS awarded One to Watch in Best Companies survey


Best Companies One to Watch 2018

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our team, QMS has made it onto the Best Companies Ones to Watch list.

"When people are engaged they feel connected to each other and to the aims of the organisation they work for. They believe in a shared purpose and feel they play an important part in fulfilling it."

Best Companies perform employee surveys on behalf of organisations across the UK, asking questions based around engagement within a business. Best Companies collates the answers and anonymises the information to help protect employee confidentiality - increasing the likelihood of the employees providing honest, valuable feedback. This subsequently helps the organisation to gain a better understanding of the employee experience and improve performance.

"Staff engagement is very important to QMS because we recognise that an engaged workforce is proven to be more productive - staff take pride in what they are doing and have confidence in their colleagues. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately a higher level of customer service."Lucie Nash, Human Resources Manager

QMS currently employs over 80 staff, servicing over 8,000 certified businesses across the UK. The business drives its team to work together on one shared goal; to deliver a great service that meets customer needs. A goal that is evidently being achieved by the volume of positive feedback being collated on Feefo, a third party review site (Average score for 2017 4.8/5.0).

Through the Best Company Survey, employees at QMS have confirmed that they have great confidence in the leadership skills of the senior management team (77%), believing they can make a valuable contribution to the organisation (87%) and are rewarded fairly for their responsibilities (61%).

Over the years, QMS has helped its employees obtain numerous professional qualifications, including IRCA Lead Auditor training in 2017. They have also established a charity committee which has been well received by staff because it supports the teams own goals, to  'give back to the community'.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team, QMS successfully launched their GDPR Assessment service in 2017 and has plans to expand the product range even further in 2018, with the addition of ISO 45001 and Cyber Essentials Certification.

If you are interested in working with QMS – a proven engaging employer with a friendly, committed team– please visit the QMS careers page to view our latest opportunities.

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    Michelle-Louise Janion

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    Marketing Executive

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    Michelle worked for QMS from 2017 to 2019, producing engaging content around ISO Standards and other compliance related topics.

Michelle Janion

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